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Welcome to my site. I am so excited to share with you all the adventures we get up to. My blog is to inspire other parents to get out and be creative with their children. I am a mum of two boys and it is important to me to expose them to all opportunities available to them.

After having my second son I realised how easily us as parents can be so focused on cooking, washing, shopping for our families etc and not take the time to sit down to play and bond with our children. The weeks were flying by and I was just in the same routine and I did not want to live like that. For me, being present in our children’s lives today has an impact on their future so I pride myself on encouraging bonding experiences, creating memories and living with our children not for our children.

I decided to set aside time throughout the week to do activities with the boys learning through play and decided to create a community of parents to join me. This includes Sensory Sunday and Paint & Slurp.

I also have a passion for travelling which has sparked interest to those who follow me so I also share my travel experiences and fun days out.