I’ve wanted to go to a christmas market for a few years but didn’t know which one to go to, I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest I didn’t know what they are all about. I am so glad that I broke my christmas market virginity and can not wait to make this a yearly tradition. When I googled the best christmas market Vienna came up and it looks absolutely stunning but it is pricey. We decided to go with Berlin as it was a cheaper option.

Flight and Hotel

I booked a package with British Airways for 4 of us it cost £491 for 2 nights, with British Airways you can pay a deposit and pay it off. Booking this package with British Airways is also good because you become a Eurotraveller which means you’re entitled to hold lugagge allowance for free. This meant that I could pack our clothes into one suitcase which was perfect because we had lots of thick winter clothing. We stayed at Victor’s Residenz Hotel Tegel and breakfast was included. The hotel was nice and clean, the staff were friendly and helpful.

Day 1

We booked early flights so we could enjoy a full day in Berlin. When we arrived at the airport we picked up welcome card which includes travel card, discount on attractions and a city map. We went for 72 hours which was 33 euros, children were free.

We took bus from the airport to our hotel which was a 20 minute journey. We arrived at the hotel and decided to plan our day, we decided to book Christmas Garden, we booked it online. Ticket prices were reduced Mon- Thurs and we arrived on Thursday so it made sense to book for that day. We got a family ticket for 47 euros, family tickets admits up to 5 people, 2 adults and 3 children over 6 years old. The hotel printed our tickets for us.

Christmas Garden

We were hungry so decided to head to the mall, unfortunately the food choices in that particular centre was really poor. We ended up going to Mc Donald’s.

We then made our way to the Christmas Garden, we was a bit early so decided to go for a walk so the children didn’t get bored, eventually it was our time to enter. The Christmas Garden is a botanical garden and is transformed into a fairytale garden at christmas inspired by Christmas at Kew. The tour last about 90 minutes although you are welcome to stay longer- you wander at your leisure. There is an ice rink which is free if you have your own skates but if not you can hire skates for 3 euros, you can stay on the rink for as long as you wish. There is also an open fire which we spent roasting bread on. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend.

Open fire in Christmas Garden


After that we headed towards a Christmas market City Weihnachtsmarkt when we got there they were doing a moment of silence due to the terrorist attack that happened a few years ago. We went to KFC for a quick bit to eat (I know Mc Donald’s and KFC in one day, smh, it gets better though). Once we ate we walked around the christmas market and treated the children to hot chocolate, they sat by a cosy open fire in one of the cabins which they really enjoyed.

Day 2

Kiddoadventures went to Berlin and I saw that she went to a zoo where they had polar bears!! I was sold and decided that I had to see them too! Tierpark Berlin is Europes biggest animal park. I paid small family discount price which was 24 euros but my cousin used her welcome card for discount. Tierpark also has a light show which looked phenomenal but the animals you see on the trail is limited, because we did the light show the night before and wanted to guarantee seeing polar bears we opted for the day tickets. You can also rent a wagon for 5 euros which made the trip fun for the children as the park is massive, they will do lots of walking.

Tierpark Berlin

We then decided to head to another christmas market. I must add there is a lidl near the park so we popped in there and got snacks/ water for the day. We found a Thai restaurant on the way to the train station and decided to eat there. The staff were lovely and helpful and helped us order from the German menu with a bit of google translation. The food was so good.

The Christmas Market we went to was called Weihnachts Dauber Gendarmenmarkt  this was recommended to us by a family we met at the christmas market yesterday. It cost 1 euro per adult and children were free. It was more child friendly as they had entertainment such as live shows and characters dressed up on stilts. The boys enjoyed a waffle here as well as the show. I got my first mulled wine here as well.

So if you have never been to a christmas market here is how it works, you pay a deposit for you mug e.g. 3-5 euros then we pay for your drink e.g. 3 euros. You can return the mug and receive your deposit back or you can keep the mug as a keepsake. The mug has the market name on it so makes a great souvenir.

We went back to the hotel and ordered pizza from the local take away. We went back to the room and played a few games which the children loved.

Day 3

We booked a late flight because we wanted to enjoy more of the day. It was due to rain so originally we had planned to go to Legoland Discovery Centre, we decided to stick to that plan even though it didn’t rain. Again we booked our tickets online as it was cheaper, they also have two attraction saver tickets. Inside there are lots for the children to do including rides, miniland, duplo village plus loads more. We spend a few hours here before we went to get something to eat for our journey home. We found a nice family friendly Italian restaurant. The food was good and they wasn’t stingy with their prawns either. Our waiter was fantastic and went above and beyond to help especially with Kaion.

Legoland Discovery Centre

Once we ate we decided to try Tobogganing it cost 1.50 euro per person, it was a great was to tick something new off our bucket list as well a something fun to do before heading to the airport.

Overall our trip to Berlin was fantastic, I really enjoyed it as much as the children, if you do head to Berlin for a children market make sure to check out the attractions listed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I look forward to the next adventure.


Nahdz xxxx

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