3 Days in New York

If you don’t have a long time in New York but you still want to see the main attractions there is a way. Create an itinerary! So the evening we arrived in New York it took us forever to get out of JFK airport. Im actually shocked at how appalling the service was, after a long flight the last thing you want to do is wait for 2 hours to get out the airport. We got to the hotel and had a shower and took the metro to Time Square. We got there after 12am and the atmosphere was buzzing. Most of the shops were still open people was walking around as if it was mid day, that in itself was an experience. Even riding the Metro was fun it really is like the movies.


Day One

We got up and went to Time Square and had breakfast at Johnnys. Oh and the portions, let me tell you I am a big eater, I love food and I wanted to try everything. But New York defeted me, I could not finish any meal. I literally had breakfast and dinner. One day I managed to squeeze in a milkshake. After Breakfast we headed down to Staten Island. We didn’t prebook tickets so we didn’t go over to the Island but we saw the Statue of Liberty by getting on the Staten Island ferry which was free.


After we headed over to Brooklyn Bridge, it was so busy and so long. You could see the traffic on both sides. We walked to the end and found a nice little lake. We relaxed for a little while and took a few pictures.




After that went went back to the hotel and got changed for dinner. We had dinner in Sugar Factory, Meatpacking District. This wasn’t the best experience. They have the potential to be a good restaurant but this day they lacked especially in customer service. The cocktails were the highlight of the whole experience. After dinner we walked around and looked for clubs.


Day Two

We had breakfast at Ellens Stardust restaurant where you get a song, dance and performace from people who would like to make it to Broadway. It was a great experience. I would defiantly recommend going. After breakfast we headed to Empire State. The views were amazing, I could literally spend all day there.



We went to Central Park and we went on a horse and carriage ride. It was ok but I would defiantly recommend going on a cycling tour around the park. We had a tour guide who came with us which was really good because he took us to all the landmarks that we wanted to see. The friends fountain, Alice in Wonderland statue, Turtle pond and Shakespeare garden to name a few. Central Park is so big and beautiful, you could defiantly spend a couple of days there. I noticed a lot of bride photography, it seems to be very popular in New York. We even rode past a crime scene. When I looked into a homeless man had died in the park, how sad.


Turtle Pond


Romeo and Juliett Statue


Shakespare Garden



Horse and Carriage Ride


After Central park we went to get changed for dinner. Then we went off to Rockefeller Building. Unfortunately there was 0 visibility so we wasn’t able to go up. Well we could go up but we wouldn’t have seen anything, but the staff there were so funny and amazing hosts while we waited for our friends to go toilet. New York have such amazing, friendly and wonderful people.


After that we ended up in a gay club…. don’t ask, it was an experience as everything in New York was. But after realising that New York night life was not for us we called it a night and went home.

Day Three

The last day, well I have an obsession with IHop thats all I ever hear about in the United States so there was no way I was leaving without having it. We woke up early that morning, hailed down a taxi and went to Harlem to get breakfast. IHOP did not disappoint. The birthday cake pancake was the best thing I had ever tasted! The philly steak omelette was lovely but there was no way I could finish all that! I don’t know how they can have pancakes and an omelette as a breakfast meal.


After breakfast we went to Bronx and went to Target. I needed to get my lucky charms, sweets and cake mixes. After that we headed back to Time Square where we did our last bits of shopping.

New York, what an amazing experience. I loved every second of it. Until next time…..

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