Butlins Bognor Regis

I used to do seaside staycations every summer but hadn’t done them for about 2 years. I decided to start this tradition again and wanted to go somewhere where I know I can get everything in once place without having to travel too much especially with a baby. I took Ahaziah to Butlins when he was one but we haven’t been back since. I took him during the tots week so it was dirt cheap. The prices for a Butlins staycation are expensive so I decided to book everything individually.


Travelling to Bognor Regis from London is very easy. We decided to take public transport rather than drive because I have the baby and I’m not sure how he would cope driving on the motorway. You can get a direct train from East Croydon to Bognor Regis which takes 1 hour 30 mins. We stayed in Selsely which is a little town away from Bognor Regis so we took train to Chichester then a bus to our accommodation. The train cost £63 for 2 adults and 2 children on the day however if you book in advance on thetrainline.com you can get tickets as cheap as £10 return, we just wasn’t sure how to get there so didn’t want to book online and get the wrong tickets. At Chichester you get a bus which cost £4.40 for a single fare.

From Selsey we ended up taking a cab to and from Butlins, it cost £45 each way for a 7 seater. It was a about a 30 minute drive. I thought that was expensive but I we didn’t do enough research before hand to save money. You can take 2 buses which would take 1 hour and be much cheaper but because we had so many children, 3 were under 3 we decided it would be easier for them to get the cab.


We stayed in a “Homestay” which I found on booking.com. When looking at the photos it looked like it was an air b’n’b type property however it was a homestay. I was not familiar with a homestay but its basically when someone rents bedrooms out in their home. There was two of us which meant that we had the whole top floor to ourselves which wasn’t too bad. I will be honest and say I wouldn’t stay in a homestay again, personally I didn’t feel comfortable, I like to have my own space especially with children. However, the people were so lovely and their home was very clean, they had a massive garden and outdoor pool which was a bonus because we had perfect weather that weekend too. The room was £118 for 2 nights which included breakfast.

The family was very accommodating to our children because they have grandchildren so there was plenty of toys and floats for the pool. They were genuinely lovely people who would ask us how our day was and even when they saw us on the beach they went out of their way to come and say hello.

Butlins Day Pass

A day pass to Butlins in totally worth it because it includes so much, we got a deal on Littlebird.com which included the circus show. I paid £49 for 1 adult and 2 children. The circus tickets would have cost £7 per person so we got an awesome deal. The day pass includes the new splash water world which we didn’t visit because of the ages of our children but it looks really good! Unlimited fairground rides, indoor and outdoor soft play and live shows throughout the day. It is open from 10am- 8pm you get can see the last show. 

Micaiah said the highlight of his day trip to Butlins was going to the circus. Ahaziah said the highlight of his day trip to Butlins was the fairground rides. Kaion is only 2 months so didn’t do anything while in Butlins but he did watch the Skyline show at the end. I loved seeing the boys play in the sprinklers. They love water so much and had a blast.


Bognor Beach

Both the beaches that we went to had pebbles. We didn’t spend long on Bognor Regis beach but there is lots to do, even though the beach has pebbles there are two parks along the promenade with a sand pit and playground. I thought this was really good. The children enjoyed the playground and even Kaion got to put his foot in the sand.

We had fish and chips on the beach as you do and ice cream on the pier! We only spent a few hours here before heading back to Butlins to catch the evening show.

On the last day we spent it at East Beach which is near to where we stayed in Selsey. Again it was another pebble beach but we had fun taking in the sea breeze and playing snap. There is a kiosk where you can get hot food and ice cream.

There is also a few playgrounds and also one which is wheelchair accessible which is great. The walk to get to this beach took less than 10 minutes and its through a lovely garden. The beach is known for its crabs and lobsters and Micaiah found small pieces of crab around the beach. We really enjoyed spending our last few hours here before heading back to London.

Overall we had a fantastic staycation in Bognor Regis and would defiantly go back. It was affordable but with booking train tickets and a cab in advance we would have saved a lot more money. Between the two adults we spent approx £300 in total which didn’t include the accommodation. Majority of that was on travel but now we know for next time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got some tips if you ever want to go to Bognor

Until the next Nahdz adventure…….

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