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Since March the boys and I have been attending family yoga in Shoreditch with Manny Ngo. Manny runs free yoga sessions in The Canvas Cafe every Saturday morning from 10.30. The first session we went to I was blown away and the boys had so much fun. I have never been interested in yoga because I believed that it was calm, relaxing and pretty boring. I am not one who knows how to relax much less keep still but decided I would support Manny. Boy was I in for a treat after the first session. Family yoga with Manny is active, fun and we always go on an adventure. There is time to relax at the end and use the  tibetan singing bowls which the boys do look forward to. The Family Yoga class is aimed at families with children aged 3-9 years old and of all abilities, no yoga experience is needed. Parents are also welcome to bring along older or younger children.

The first session for us was all about trying out different yoga poses. I was pleased at myself for holding Ahaziah up in the air with my feet doing the flying yoga pose. This week we used  Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See story to get into different animal poses.

This week we went on a bear hunt and got into different poses as we went through the river and forest. Most of the poses can be done in a pair which is lovely to do with each other the boys as well as supporting them to do it together. Some poses can even be done in a three which is also perfect for us.


This is the boat pose that we needed to get across the river. The boys are getting better with holding the poses for a few seconds.

Manny changes the the theme of the session each week so every week there is something different to expect. This week was Earth day so she based the session around recycling and reusing. We used Dear Zoo as the story to practice different animal poses. We even did some hand stand practice against the wall. We practiced yoga sequencing; this is where the boys chose 3 yoga cards each and sequenced the poses together. At the end of the session Manny allowed us to plant cress using yogurt pots to teach us to reduce, recycle and reuse.


This week we travelled in different ways to continents around the world and discovered the animals that live there. We also practiced lots of partner poses. We travelled via jet ski, swimming, aeroplane, jeep and boat. The boys and I practiced our first ever human pyramid! Ahaziah and I practiced push ups on each other. Every week we just get better and stronger.

Check out the boys doing the dolphin pose. Manny always has variations for different abilities which is great because it means everyone can join in.

This week we travelled to Mexico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I was surprised how much Ahaziah knew about this festival already and how much he retained to tell his dad.


We also practiced the table pose and even managed to get on top of each other.

Ahaziah enjoys family yoga so much that he even requested to go on his birthday. We read Each Peach Pear Plum and of course Ahaziah was the King of the castle. We practiced warrior poses and practiced the child’s pose and downward dog pose on top of the table pose.


Overall we have loved attending family yoga with Manny. I am very big on bonding with our children and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. We are able to practice poses at home and show them off to our friends and family. The boys love climbing all over me and adore poses that we can do together. Family Yoga is for everybody! Don’t worry if you’re completely new to yoga; Family Yoga is less about the poses, and more about the fun element and being able to have valuable bonding time with your child/children.

If Shoreditch is too far don’t worry Manny also hold monthly sessions in Woolwich ( Under1 Roof Kids) AND Greenwich (Greenwich West Community Centre)! The next session is Saturday 26 May in Greenwich and you can purchase tickets here, they are so affordable. I hope I can see you at one of the sessions since we are unofficial Manny Yoga ambassadors LOL


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  1. Nahdia this is such a fantastic review of our family yoga sessions. I am so grateful for your support and so so glad you and the boys enjoy the class and can’t get enough of it each week! 🙂 I really look forward to seeing you and the boys grow in strength week on week and very excited I keep on surprising you all! See you on the 26th!! xx

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