Jurassic Kingdom

Half Term at Jurassic Kingdom

Planning things to do with kids in the half term can be expensive, especially when there is two weeks. I tend to spread it out by having one main activity a week with other free/ cheap activities. Jurassic Kingdom was showing on my feeds on Facebook on Instagram so I decided to check it out. I went to Jurassic Kingdom website and saw prices for a family ticket, it came to £46 pounds. I thought OK thats reasonable for a family of four. Once I went to check out all the booking fees came up and I was not prepared to pay that price. I decided to try my luck on the LittleBird website. LittleBird is my go to website for discounted days out. To my surprise Jurassic Kingdom was on there for £36!

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Jurassic Kingdom

Where Dinosaurs come to life.They exceeded that and more. We visited Jurassic Kingdom in  Osterley Park, London. Upon entering the park there was a live sized T-Rex. I loved that it was right at the beginning and they didn’t save it till last.


There was also small dinosaur ride on’s, a virtual reality dinosaur experience which was £5 per person. A box office to get tickets, face painting station, merchandise, and kiosks selling food. We headed to the entrance as we already printed our tickets and there was no queue to get in. There was a lady giving out a Jurassic Kingdom education worksheet with pencils.



There was so many dinosaurs along the trail. Some of them were animated with moving hands, tails and made roar sound effects. The dinosaurs were everywhere, they were hanging from the trees and blending into the paths. It was defiantly an amazing jurassic experience. The jurassic kingdom was also an educational experience. The boys enjoyed reading each plaque and answering questions about the dinosaur.




Getting his research on

Our Dinosaur Theme

I booked the Jurassic Kingdom experience for the Wednesday and decided I would do dinosaur themed related activities for the whole week. This was to build up to the the big day as well as having something exciting to do each day. It was really fun and the boys enjoyed it. I am going to share a few of the quick and cheap activities I put together.


Dinosaur Sensory Tuff Spot

Every Sunday we do a sensory activity, this week was dinosaur themed. I used cornflour, shampoo and food colouring to make the slime. I then added some decorative glitter eggs for dinosaur eggs, some pebbles, twigs and dinosaurs of course. The boys enjoyed exploring the different texture of the slime.


Dinosaur Biscuits

This was such a hit in our house. You can use any biscuit recipe to make the dough. You then roll it out and cut out circles. We make dinosaur footprints by using the dinosaurs foot to print into the dough. Once its baked you can use icing writing pens to decorate.


Dinosaur Stomp

This was such a fun and easy activity to put together. I cut dinosaur footprints out of card. I stuck it onto the back of old wellies and flip-flops. The boys painted on the back of the shoes then stomped all over the roll of paper. Then then put dinosaurs in the paint and made footprints with there toy dinosaurs. I used cardboard but I would recommend using sponge as it will probably hold the paint for longer.



Dinosaur Fossils

We created these dinosaur fossil using our famous salt dough recipe. To make salt dough you need 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water. Mix it together. Make your creation then put in the oven on a low heat for 3/4 hours. Once we made the dough I rolled the mixture into small balls, the boys flattened them then used the dinosaurs feet and body to make a print. For the first time we air dried our salt dough which means I left them out to dry which took about 3/4 days. I put them on a rack to help them dry out all the way through. Once they were dry we painted them.


Bubble Wrap Dinosaur Printing

We decided to use bubble wrap to make prints on these paper dinosaurs. It was fun because the boys have never used bubble wrap to paint. We made spotty dinosaurs, although we used a bit too much of the green paint.

Jurassic Kingdom Experience


We had such a brilliant fun day out. I would defiantly recommend this experience. The event is open daily from 10am to 6pm with last entry at 5pm. Once you have picked your time slot you can stay in the park for as long as you wish. Jurassic Kingdom will be in London until the 17th April 2017. Check out when it is in your area by clicking here.

When I asked the boys what they liked about Jurassic Kingdom Micaiah aged 3 said “There was a T-Rex roaring, there was a dinosaur scratching”. Ahaziah aged 6 said “I liked the big T-Rex because I was copying it roar. I learnt that dinosaurs eat meat. My favourite part was when we saw the dinosaurs eating the other dinosaur. The fun part was when we rode on the little dinosaur”

My whole family enjoyed it so it is worth checking out this easter if you have time.



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