Morocco 2018

Morocco is only a 3 hours 5 minutes flight from London but you would feel like you have travelled further. The lifestyle and culture is so different. We flew into Marrakesh with Ryanair. I paid £1,488.47 (1 adult 2 children) for flights and hotel all inclusive for the first week in the August summer holiday. We stayed at Labranda Aqua Fun Club and I can honestly say that this hotel a real definition of a family hotel.

We booked our transfer with a company called It was so cheap £19.75 for 6 of us return! As soon as we got to the hotel we received our wristbands and went straight to the pools.

There was 16 pools and 58 slides, there was slides and pools for everyone. It is part of an aqua park but the dates we were there we didn’t feel like it wasover crowded. There was more than enough sun lounges for everyone and there was enough space in the pool.


I would say there was at least 2 big pool areas that Micaiah was comfortable in with at least 6 slides. He was able to walk comfortably in the water and explore at his leisure. If you have been keeping up with our travel journeys for a while you would know that Micaiah is more cautious than his brother and he generally takes longer to feel comfortable in water but this wasn’t an issue here, there were even pools that he could comfortably walk around in.

Ahaziah on the other hand was in his element. There was more than enough slides for him to go on, some he was a bit small for but majority he could go on by himself. I was also able to go on some with him which was fun. Some of the pools are fresh water pools and some have chlorine. Ahaziah loves water but unfortunately it doesn’t agree with his eyes. Although he wears goggles he always ends up with red and sore eyes after swimming so for me I knew as big as this water park was we couldn’t spend 7 full days here.

We had 2 full days and 1 half day in the pools and I can honestly say that was enough for us. We made sure we went on every slide and in every pool. We also enjoyed a game of crazy golf. The evening entertainment was pretty good also, they played movies in English in the evenings on a big screen. On our last night we had a pool party which was a great way to end the holiday, they played music and all the children were able to have fun in the pool with their parents.


The all inclusive option was great. Sometimes I prefer not to book AI because I am not someone who stays on the resort for the whole time however even though we spent 4 days away from the resort I still feel like the price we paid was good value for money. For breakfast there was lots of options from pastry, fresh fruit, yoghurt, pancakes, omelette and of course Moroccan tea. Snacks were sandwiches, chips, burgers, ice- creams etc. Dinner was plentiful with many options and BBQ every night. Every day was different and the boys had no problems finding something to eat. There is even a kiddy corner where children can serve themselves and watch a movie. The bar has kids cocktails which also went down a treat.

If you haven’t already check out my Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara desert blog we spent 3 days away from the hotel saw the beauty of Marrakesh, learnt interesting culture and trekked through the Sahara desert. We also wanted to visit the Ouzoud waterfalls, we booked our tickets online again with Tickets we €30 with a discount code for 1 adult and 2 children. The waterfall is 2.5 hours drive from Marrakesh and we were in a air-conditioned mini van. We arrived at the waterfall and met our guide.

Stunning is an understatement, the views were breathtaking. We trekked through the “jungle” and the first stop was a swimming stop. I decided last minute that I was not going to bring a costume but as soon as I saw the water I climbed straight in. Luckily it was hot so I dried off by home time.

The walk is quite steep with uneven paths but the boys managed fine, you may be a little cautious if this is your first time doing such walk with young children but mine are bush lol.

The next stop was the waterfall and we paid an extra €2 pp to get in the raft that takes you right to the front of the falls. It is so refreshing to get so close. I would defiantly recommend doing it if you come here, its only about a 2 minute ride but it is worth it.

We stopped for lunch and ate in front of the falls it was stunning, a beautiful backdrop for pictures as well being so peaceful. After lunch we continued our trek and headed up to the top where we met some wild cheeky monkey’s. I love monkeys so much so when given the opportunity to hold one I didn’t hesitate. Ahaziah who is also fearless like me also wanted to hold the monkeys. Micaiah on the other hand was not going anywhere near.

The views from the top were amazing! It was crazy to think that we walked all the way up, it took about 3 hours but of course we stopped regularly for lunch, swim etc. I was dreading walking all the way back down but surprisingly we didn’t have to. Thanks to the guide for showing us this route because there would have been no way we would have been able to do it on our own. He also made it clear how much his tip would be from the beginning of the journey, €3 pp.

When we headed back we walked around the square to get our souvenirs. That was an experience in itself, people of course want to make a living so they may direct you to what they are selling but they are not pushy. We took taxi back to our hotel and I will say they drive a little crazy but they were in control (if that makes sense).

Overall we had a fantastic holiday and was able to maximise our time in Marrakesh. Have you taken children to Marrakesh? How was your experience? Would you go back?

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