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We had the pleasure of reviewing Priory Farm’s halloween activities and we had an amazing time.  Last year was the first time we ever went pumpkin picking as a family, read about it here. It was such a fun experience we put it on our Autumn bucket list.


Priory Farm is located off Sandy Lane in Redhill, Surrey. From South London it took us just over 1 hour to get here but it was a straight forward route. There is free parking onsite. We went to the kiosk to get our tickets for the tractor ride and the discovery trail. The manger and staff were friendly and warming. They gave us all the information we needed to know. There was a tractor ride due to depart in the next 20 minutes so I took the boys to the pirate ship to let off some steam from sitting in the car.


The pirate ship is a large play area for children with a picnic area where you can relax while watching your children play. Ahaziah liked that you could climb to the top and there was a slide. The pirate ship also over looks beautiful views of the lake.

Tractor ride


First stop, the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. First of all being able to ride on a tractor is an experience in itself. It was a bumpy ride but the boys loved it. The tractor driver has been working at the farm for over 45 years so he is knowledgeable about the farm and the local area. Feel free to ask him any questions you may have.


The ride lasts about 10 minutes and cost £2.50 return. He takes you to the pumpkin patch then comes back for you in 15 minutes. Along the way you see beautiful scenery. The boys were so excited when we pulled up to the pumpkin patch.


Pumpkin Patch


Even though the pumpkin patch was quite small the boys really enjoyed it. First they took scary photos in the spooky cave.


Then we went for a walk searching for pumpkins. The pumpkins rage from £1 for the tiny little sweet pepper size pumpkins. I thought these pumpkins was really cute. I  have never seen such small pumpkins. The larger pumpkins are about £10. They measure them in a wooden plank which has holes of different sizes with different prices which I thought was a really good way of knowing the cost. You can pay cash or you have the option of paying by card by getting a receipt to pay at the kiosk on return to the farm.


We picked our pumpkins then waited for the tractor to take us back. Micaiah said he liked picking the pumpkins and going in the truck. We put the pumpkins in the boot and went on the discovery walk.


Discovery Walk

The discovery walk cost £2.75 per person which includes a worksheet which can be filled in by the children. It takes about 30 minutes to complete but we were in there for at least 2 hours. There was so much to see and do. We also got fish food so we could feed the fish at the end.


First stop along the trail was this tippie. Inside there was a massive drum. Ahaziah loved making beats on the drum. Along the walk there were also stops with wooden climbing opportunities which my boys of course loved climbing and jumping on.



Ahaziah made me take a picture of these fossils. He said “mummy can you take a picture of these fossils so I can show them to my class”. I didn’t even notice the fossils but he was clearly taking everything in and reading the information on the boards which was very child friendly.



We then came across a sunflower maze. Of course the sunflowers were dead but the boys loved the maze. There were different boards that you could spin with a option of routes you could take. At each dead end there was a scarecrow ninja turtle which was random but they love ninja turtles so they thought it was quite funny.


We then began our walk through the woods which my boys who love nature really enjoyed. We saw this little cave where there were tree stomps for them for them to jump around on.


And of course we can’t go anywhere without climbing a tree!



We climbed stairs, we walked over rivers, we saw amazing scenery. We ran, we climbed, we walked, we explored but most of all we had so much fun. When we finished we had a run down the hill back to the start. The boys had so much energy that they ran back up the hill!


By this point the boys were absolutely impressed with the whole experience. We was having so much fun that we forgot to fed the fish!

Fish Feeding


We decided to head back to the lake. We went on the on the platform and began to throw the fish food at the fishes. They seemed to all fight over the food. There were thousands of them. The were flapping and we could see them opening their mouths. It was so surreal and something we haven’t experienced before.


Both of them really enjoyed this part. Ahaziah said this was his favourite part. Although he said he loved the tractor ride, then after the tractor ride he said he loved the pumpkin patch, then after the pumpkin patch he loved the discovery walk. Overall he really enjoyed everything about the day.

We then ended the day with a cheeky ice cream. Bear in mind it was spitting throughout the day. However the unusual ice cream flavours lured us in. Ahaziah had vanilla, Micaiah had strawberry and I had funky banana.


Over all we had a brilliant day out. It was affordable, fun and there was so much to do. I honestly did not expect to spend as long as we did there. They also have a christmas festive trail coming up along with santa’s grotto so keep your eyes pealed for that. I will definitely be back in the summer to see the sun flowers and the daffodils. What is so great about this trail is that you can visit at different times of the year and what you will see will be completely different. If you are looking for a pumpkin patch in the UK which is filled with adventure, Priory farm is the place to check out.

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Priory Farm,
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Thank you Priory farm for allowing us to review your farm. We had such a great time and will of course be back.



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  1. I can see we have the same taste :0) We love Priory Farm and used to go often when my son was little. I’ve not been in a few years. Its great to see they still do PYO. Your sons must have had an amazing time.

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