Ragged School Museum

In the February half term I decided to organise a meet up at the Ragged School Museum. When building relationships on instagram it is so important to meet in real life. I contacted the museum I spoke to Matthew who was very helpful in dealing with my request.

I choose a museum to meet up because it is cold and in the UK you cannot rely on the British weather. I wanted to pick a museum which wouldn’t be too busy as it was half term but still engaging and interactive for the children. Ragged School Museum ticked all those boxes.

The museum had family learning activities going on throughout the half term. The theme was STEAM (as in, Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths learning). There was arts and craft activities based on this theme, aimed at 6-12 year olds, as well as face painting and a museum trail. There is an under 5s play area. The Victorian classroom was open and available for us to experience (copperplate writing on slates and learning about Victorian punishments), as well as the Victorian kitchen which illustrates the domestic life of the Victorian poor.

The boys really enjoyed and took part in all the arts and craft activities they had planned. Making electricity using polystyrene. Ahaziah enjoyed making a bridge using cups, sticks and elastic bands and Micaiah really enjoyed making a bracelet. I was surprised to him him concentrate to thread each bead through the string.

The boys also really enjoyed spending time in the victorian class rooms and looking at the kitchen. Role play is so important in helping them learn and understand new experience so it was really good that the museum allowed opportunities for the children to dress up and get into character. The classroom is equipped with authentic school desks, slate writing boards and chalks, blackboards and easels and even dunce hats. There is also a reconstructed kitchen equipped with utensils and artefacts.

We meet up with Msxpat, parent and lifestyle blogger with her two children and her friend. It was really lovely to sit in the soft play area and talk all things blogging. Our children were over 5 and really need to burn off some energy so we decided to take them to Mile End park.

Mile End park is brilliant, if you are ever in the area you should check it out. The day we went they were putting on a small event for funding. We were lucky to be able to go on the bouncy castle as well as make biscuits and smoothies. I would defiantly come back to spend a longer time at this park.

Overall I really enjoyed this museum. It is a small museum which is publicly funded so any donations are very helpful. For more information or to check out the museum you can head to their website


I have also linked Msepat write up of our meet up, definitely go and check it out

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