South France

South France

This year I wanted to try out Eurocamp, I already had booking with them but my friend who I was travel with found a deal on Groupon for Eurocamp. We looked into it and both said the only place we really wanted to visit was South France, that was an option. Not only that but, it was during the easter half term. We contemplated if we could afford everything and I just said the offer is too good to not go. The deal was for £150 for a mobile home in the South of France, we found £20 off so ended up paying £65 each! Bargin I know! How could we turn it down?!

When booking we saw that we could fly to Biezers which is close to the campsite with EasyJet but closer to time the fights disappeared. That’s when it became a bit of a headache. We decided to fly to Nimes which was cheaper but it was the furthest from the campsite. Transfer was £300 plus! There was no way I was paying that price so I looked into public transport. It was a Sunday we flew out so public transport was limited however when I checked Google Maps I saw two possible trains we could take. One at 1ish which meant we had 1 hour to get to the train station or the other one at 3.45 which meant we had 3 hours hanging about. I loved to be organised but sometimes I can be so spontaneous and love to take risks so just decided to figure it out when I got there. Our flight was delayed so of course we missed the train. I had hope though, we took a cab to the train station, I asked the man at the train station if there was another train we could take that would take us near to the campsite and there was a train due in the next 20 mins to Adge which was 10 mins away from the campsite and we took a cab from there. Overall it was a blessing we missed the train and was able to get a different train. The whole journey took about 1 hour 30 mins and cost roughly €50 which was much cheaper than transfer and we got to see so much more. The route was so simple.

Eurocamp Beach GardenIMG_20170417_081302_623

This was our mobile home for the week. We have stayed in a caravan before so I had an idea of what to expect. We had a 3 bedroom home complete with fully equipped kitchen, shower, decking and a gas BBQ. It was spacious and clean and very affordable. Before booking any questions we had Eurocamp was very friendly and helpful in answering our queries. We had to provide our own linen. There are two options for this, either hire linen or bring your own. We decided to bring our own as it was cheaper than buying a linen pack. I would also recommend a welcome pack which cost £4 it had everything you needed to settle down including washing up liquid, sponges, bin liner etc.


The sunset outside the campsite was so beautiful. Eurocamp is not the only company who have mobile homes at the site. You can also bring your own caravan or tent there. The campsite itself was very big. It can accommodate up to 901 pitches. The pictures on the Eurocamp website is exactly what it looks like.


There was so much pools. We were lucky that we were able to visit 2 other camp resorts along with our own. Each resort had an outdoor pool and 4 different outdoor pools with different depths. We only visited Les Mediterranees Beach Garden which was our site and Les Mediterranees Charlemagne. Charlemagne was our favourite. I loved the indoor pool because it had a jacuzzi in the middle and I was able to watch both boys while I relax. The indoor pools all had different depths so there was something for everyone.

We spent majority of the holiday in the pools. AHaziah hasn’t stopped talking about the four water slides. Even my youngest Micaiah who used to hate water would not get out. He literally spent hours in the pools and refused to leave. The outdoor pools were cold but that didn’t stop them going down the slides.

Marseillan Beach

Marseillan beach was truly breath-taking. People thought I was in the Caribbean when they saw pictures. What I loved the most was the depth of the water, it was so low even when Ahaziah was far out the water only came up to his hip. I found it to be very safe for children to play in.


The resort was directly on the beach and had private access. We saw the sunset on the beach and the boys really enjoyed digging big holes to bury themselves in.


Marseillan Plage

We set out for a walk and when we got to the top and I saw this strip I thought I was in LA. The view was amazing to say the least. They also have free wi-fi along that strip for 20 mins a day.


There is also plenty of ice-cream shops along this strip. Ice creams of so many different flavours. They were yummy!


Marseillan Port


I love taking public transport in different countries, it is such a great, affordable experience. We took one day out to be tourist. We booked a bus to pick us up which took us to the port of Marseillan to see the yachts.

Apparently this is the biggest port in Marseillan, don’t quote me though because it seemed quite small. We saw plenty of yachts, despite the weather looking so gloomy the area itself is picturesque. I can imagine during the summer this being very busy.

Bike Hire

The only thing we wanted to do but didn’t get to was cycle. There is a bike hire company who brings bikes to the resort for hire. The prices are affordable but the deposit is £200 per bike which I think is extortionate. We tried opting for scooters but he didn’t have enough for our whole party. So we had to give that one a miss unfortunately.

Eurocamp Review

I found this holiday with Eurocamp amazing, it blew my expectations away. I am very happy and impressed at the camp itself. Being able to visit 2 other parks was definitely a bonus. It was clean, comfortable and affordable. Everyone was sad to leave. I loved the beach, indoor pools and palm trees. I already have another Eurocamp holiday booked for this year so I’m hoping it is a great as this. I will defiantly make Eurocamp one of my yearly traditions. The food out there is affordable, we ate at the same restaurant 6 days in a row! Everyone liked it so we stuck with it. One downfall I would say though was not being able to have a BBQ. We got there the day after the park opened so I’m assuming they didn’t get enough deliveries because the options for food to BBQ was very limited. I did notice though on the last day there was more of a selection. Despite that we still had a brilliant holiday.

Until next time Eurocamp!!!!!!!

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  1. This was very interesting and such a good blog this definitely help me make up my mind where I wanna this summer. Well done me daughter nahdia

  2. It sounds like you had a fun vacation with your boys! I thought that the street with the palm trees looked like LA too! haha I love the coastal areas, such a lovely place. I’d love to visit France again and see this area-the Eurocamp is a good idea. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  3. What an awesome review of your holiday. I would love to go to France, it is something that we have on our massive bucket list of things to do! I think the sunset looked amazing!

  4. An amazing blog. While reading and viewing the photos, I could imagine being there as well. Feels like I too experienced this beautiful part of the world. Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow! I’ve always shrugged off Eurocamp but this post has completely changed my mind! I’m going to start searching, I REALLY WANT TO GO NOW!! thanks so much for sharing and I also wanted to add that I’m so glad I found your blog, it is very inspirational 🙂 xx

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