Parents deserve a break and we did just that. I didn’t realise how important and needed it was to travel with my partner. Here is what we got up to on our little baecation.

Virgin Holiday’s

We booked our Toronto holiday package with Virgin Holidays, it was straight forward. The total cost was £1412 for 3 nights in the summer holiday. We paid a deposit of £350 and the balance was due 12 weeks before. We flew with Air Canada, they were very good. The only thing I was worried about was seating. To pre-book seating it was in Canadian Dollars and it was expensive. I decided to just wait till check in to book seats for free. They put us on two aisle seats either side of each other but I was able to put us next to each other easily. All the window seats were booked up but we were able to sit in front of the toilet so no one was behind us so that was good. The in flight entertainment was good, I slept there and back but Kass watched Atlanta and Fast and the furious and was happy with the entertainment.

We stayed at Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto. The location of the hotel was perfect, it was a 25 minute drive from the airport and it was walking distance to CN Tower and Aquarium.

Limo or Taxi

I usually pre book transfers or just blag it. Transfer was too expensive and I knew they had uber so I thought if anything we can get an uber. Another option was the UP Express that runs from the airport to downtown Toronto, then there was a 6 min drive to hotel or 25 minute walk. I would be happy to take the train but Kass wasn’t impressed about that. When we landed there were no ubers around that area, I guess because the taxi’s and limo’s have a priority. It is better to get a Limo as it is a fixed fare but with a Taxi it is metered so you just never know how much it be. We paid 62 Canadian Dollars for our limo.

CN Tower


First stop food! We had Chipotle. I’ve always wanted Chipotle and I know they have it in London but as soon as I saw it I was excited to eat there. It didn’t disappoint, I had a bowl with chicken. We then slowly walked towards the CN tower while checking out the shops. When we got to the CN tower queue they said it was a 2 hour wait or we could pay extra for a timed admission and go up within the next 30 minutes. We decided to go for that option. We got general admission tickets and tickets to the sky pod, it came up to about 120 Canadian Dollars (I think).


360 Observation deck in the sky pod

This is the view from the sky pod, the views were amazing!

These are views from look out level. There is also a glass floor on this level which is pretty cool. There is also an ‘edge walk’ experience where you can buy additional tickets if you wish to do it. I would go back to do it at some point. We spent about 2 hours here, you can spend as long as you want. We were so tired so we decided to head back as we planned to go Niagara Falls the next day.

Niagara Falls full day tour

We booked this excursion through our hotel and paid a total of 207 Canadian Dollars which included the horn blower boat tour at Niagara falls. When we booked this I just expected to go to Niagara, it is about 1 hour 20 mins away from Toronto  walk around the falls and go down in the boat. However this tour exceeded my expectations and more. Our tour guide was really knowledgable about everything plus more. I didn’t even realise that he had headphones and a mic so he was talking while driving, he done an awesome job. The first stop was a toilet stop about 5 minutes away from the falls.


We stopped here, used the toilet and took some photos. There was a souvenir shop and with our tour company we was able to get 10% off so we brought a few fridge magnets and a photo frame.


Wait for it…….




The most amazing and breath taking Niagara Falls, 3 unique waterfalls which is in between Canada and the United States.


This has to be one of the most surreal thing I have seen in my life. In the picture you can see all three waterfalls. The smaller one is in the middle. I took about 1 million pictures of the same thing. There are many different ways to see different parts of it. We went on the horn blower boat which goes right in front on the falls.


I got soaked from the mist of the falls but it was worth it. The horn blower company give you free ponchos to protect you from getting wet. Although if your like me who stayed outside right at the edge you will get wet anyway.

We spent about 2 hours here, because we were a group we got priority entrance to the boat which saved a lot of time. There is a lot to do around Niagara falls but we didn’t have enough time to explore, instead we got some lunch. We got back on the coach and headed to Niagara Whirlpool.


We saw the aero car going across the whirlpool which must give some incredible views from above. This stop was extra that our guide threw in to the tour.

After that we went to Niagara-on-the-lake. We was got to spend 1 hour here so we walked  down the village, we saw some horse drawn carriages. The village itself it quite cute, not somewhere I would particularly choose to go as I don’t know the history but it will still nice to visit. We got some delicious ice cream from COWS which is one one the best ice cream places to visit it Niagara- on- the-lake.


The cone was made from a waffle which was nice because I don’t eat cones. I got cookie monster flavour, it was delicious.

After that we headed to the winery at Niagara college to the wine centre.


Niagara is famous for all their wineries specialising in ice wine. Ice wine is made from grapes that are naturally frozen on the vine. Going to the winery was interesting as we got to taste 3 different types of wine as well as learning so much as I’ve never heard of ice wine.


After the winery we went back to downtown Toronto and was dropped off at our hotel. I would give this tour a 10/10. The tour guide was amazing, he told us so much about the Canadian culture while driving. The tour was much more than what I expected. I was able to tick Niagara Falls off my bucket list and it exceeded my expectations. This tour was amazing value for money. The company was through City Sightseeing Toronto but like I booked through the hotel.

3D Toronto sign


We were lucky enough to see the 3D Toronto sign in the day and night. I prefer the night, I do like illuminated sights. During the night there are many colour’s it changes into.

The next day was our last full day so we wanted to make the most of it. We started off with breakfast the most important meal of the day with a smoothie. It tasted soo good, a cheese an onion omelette with potatoes, toast, melon and pancakes!


We then went to the Eaton Centre to get a few bits along with some more souvenirs. We then went to Sugar Beach to chill out for a bit.


The beach area is quite small with only a number of deck chairs, we wasn’t able to get one so we sat by the water sprinklers. It was nice to sit and and chill out with each other because since we arrived we were on the go.

Canada’s sugar beach is located near Toronto’s waterfront and the bright pink umbrellas make it unique. We decided that we would walk to Drake’s OVO store which was about 1 hour away. It was a nice little walk to see more of Toronto. We walked through a street which looked like China Town, we also walked past somewhere where there was lots of street food. It was nice to see that there was so many cultures in Toronto. During the walk we saw a school, somewhere that looked like ‘the projects’ it was lovely a more relaxed area than the corporate high rise buildings of the city.

Once we got back we deiced to head to the hotels pool for a few minutes. There was a jacuzzi and a sauna so it was nice to relax after a long day of walking. That night we wanted to get turnt but silly me left the passports so we didn’t have ID to drink. Instead we had a really nice meal.



I had a bowl and Kass had fajita. I must say the food in Toronto is really nice.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

We decided rather than let the last day drag we would go to the aquarium. 20170823_160447

There was also a baseball game where Toronto’s Blue Jay’s team were playing close to the aquarium so it was nice seeing everyone coming together in their t-shirts showing support for their home team. We paid 74.58 Canadian dollars for two adult tickets.


The aquarium is beautiful. What I loved the most was the moving walkway. You are able to see all the fishes without people standing in the way and not moving as it takes you on a trail. There were lots of sharks and sting rays swimming above our heads.

We also watched a stingray feeding show. The diver was amazing and the lady doing the talk was very knowledgable. The sharks and stingrays were in the same tank but the sharks knew it wasn’t their feeding time so didn’t try to eat the stingrays food.


Other than the sharks and stingrays another popular fish they had were jellyfish. They looked so pretty.


It was a lovely way to spend the last few hours before heading back to London.


We had a really good time. Toronto you was amazing, the accent, the food, the excursions, the people the shopping. I can’t wait to go back as there is so much more to do. We went back to the hotel and collected our luggage and got an Uber back to the airport which was 43 Canadian dollars.

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  1. Canada is such a beautiful country. Great photos and your trip to Niagra looked amazing. Glad you guys had such an amazing time x

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