Turkey 2019

When I originally booked our family holiday to Turkey it was for April half term however because I was pregnant I was unable to fly. I decided to amend the booking till August and bring the baby with me. I knew travelling as a family of 5 was expensive but I didn’t know it would make a significant difference especially with an infant like how much space do they need! We originally booked a nice All Inclusive holiday but we then had to downgrade to bed and breakfast at a different resort because it was almost £1000 just to add the infant, not for the flight but for the hotel room capacity. We had to either get an apartment, family room (which we got) or two separate rooms.

I book with Thomas cook at it cost just over £2000 for 5 of us, we stayed at Montebello Deluxe in OluDeniz. The price included breakfast which was awful, transfers, flight and hotel. The first flight was at 9.40pm which wasn’t too bad, we all slept on the plane then once we got to the hotel at 4.30am we slept again then enjoyed the day at the pool. Coming back was very inconvenient. Our flight was at 4.30am but check out was at 12 noon. You can pay £20 for late check out till 5pm but I thought that was pointless as the boys would be in the pool all day. It became very long winded, the boys were fine, Kaion and Micaiah slept and Ahaziah was fine. There was a lot of security checks in the airport with a lot of waiting around to get on the plane, I think I was more irritated than them. I will defiantly not book a early morning flight again, the children were absolutely fine but I didn’t enjoy it.

If you follow me on Instagram you would see that I have an infant travel highlight where I share my tricks of travelling with an infant. We took the buggy which I checked in and used the sling for a hands free airport experience. We went through family security which was very quick! Literally took less than 5 minutes. On the plane Kaion slept the whole flight, he also slept the whole time we were in the airport because his usual bedtime is 9pm. It is also important to remember that Turkey is not in the EU so you will need a visa to enter, it cost $20 per person and you can do an e-visa online which comes through straight away however they recommend a week. You need to show your visa before departure from the UK.

Montebello Deluxe

The hotel itself is lovely, it is small but very nice. The room that we had was very clean, it had 2 bedrooms 1 with two singles and another with a double plus a cot. There is only a shower which was a bit difficult with the baby but manageable. I just used to go in the shower with him and my partner would shower him off for me and get him dressed. There is 2 pools plus a jacuzzi even though that was mainly used as a pool as well. The hotel has a kitchen which we ate at a few times there is also a bar with affordable cocktails. The hotel is located near the strip with plenty of restaurants to choose from. The beach is just a 5 minute walk and there is plenty of shops where you can book excursions. We spent two full days by the pool and the boys loved it. The pool closes at 6 which I think is a little bit early I think but considering my children would stay in the pool till midnight it is probably a good idea to get them out that early so they can get ready for dinner. There is not lots of sun beds but because it is a small hotel we never had an issue getting a sun bed. Micaiah also taught himself to swim here which was amazing, he has never had any swimming lessons either, I was beyond proud.

Water world Water Park

I can’t remember the exact price but I think we paid about £35 for all of us which included transfer there and back. The waterpark is fantastic, clean and can be enjoyed by all ages. Ahaziah had a whale of a time and went on every single slide. Micaiah also went on a few slides which was good considering he is a bit more cautious than Ahaziah when it comes to water. There is a restaurant onsite and they have a cashless system where you add money to your card and you can use it in the restaurants and bars. Any remaining money left on the card at the end of the visit is refunded. I really enjoyed this waterpark and got to enjoy some of the slides as well reliving my best childhood days. I would defiantly recommend it here if you every visit Turkey.

Blue Lagoon

Such a stunning beach however it has pebbles so it may not be everyones cup of tea. The waves are pretty strong but the boys really enjoyed sitting on the edge and letting the waves bring them in and out of the sea. There are plenty of places along the coast where you can sit, some are free but you need to buy drinks, sun beds etc and some charge an entrance fee. We didn’t bother walk around the compare prices etc as it was too hot so we went for the first one. We sat at Tiger Beach Club, they had free entry and free WiFi. There is a man who walks along the beach with a parrot and you can do a full photoshoot. We took a few photos and ended up buying all 30 of them for £30, they upload high quality photos on your phone instantly.

I couldn’t believe how brave Micaiah was, very confident at holding the parrot. Me on the other hand, lets just say if I went first the boys probably wouldn’t have done it. The guy is dressed as a pirate which makes it a fun experience. You may do the shoot and not want to buy the pictures but they are great and you can’t resist. He also gives you a good price, I thought our pictures we’re expensive, I think I could have haggled more but the Mr thought it was a great price.

The Blue lagoon is famous for parasailing, every day hundreds of people take a flight, It was so cool to look up and see them in the air and when they landed it was so cool. I really wanted to do it but next time I will tick it off my bucket list.

12 Island Boat Trip Fethiye Turkey

I think we paid about £42 for all of us for this excursion which also includes lunch and transfers. The drive to Fethiye from our hotel took about 20/30 minutes. The boat had 3 decks, two which was indoors and the 3rd which was the roof top. They also operate a tab system onboard so you pay for the drinks or extras that you ordered at the end. The boat is big and can accommodate unto 250 people. My only criticism was that it was full of turkish people, I think we were the only English ones. The only reason why that bothered me is because they were so obsessed with Kaion, always wanted to hold him or take a picture, it was just a bit too much.

There are 4 swim stop off. Two which the boys could swim in and two which were too deep but wouldn’t have been a problem if I had brought their floats. They really enjoyed jumping off the boat into the sea and I am glad I was able to experience something like that with them. The first time I ever done that was 10 years ago in Turkey and the boys are 5 and 9 and were able to to the same. Lunch was included, theres in an option for chicken or fish. The water was crystal clear and we could see fish swimming in the water.

Paradise Beach

The hotel offers a free shuttle service to this beach and it is so lovely. You just go to reception and request a transfer, they come to collect you within a few minutes. To return you just wait at the entrance and a driver will collect you, pick up is from 4.30 every half hour until 7pm. The water is very calm and shallow it is as if you are walking on water. I felt comfortable watching the boys from a distance.

Again like the boat they have a tab system which definitely added up towards the end, them tabs really do creep up on you. The tab is based on your umbrella number and you can order drinks from your sun bed. There is also a restaurant on site which also takes your tab number. It does help because your not constantly taking out money you can just enjoy the experience and pay at the end. There is lovely hammocks which me and the boys enjoyed swinging on. There are also fish swimming in the water which frightened Micaiah at the end. We also got to see the sun set from here which was lovely. You can easily spent the whole day, when we first got there my partner said we should leave at 4.30 but we were enjoying it so much that time ran away with us and we ended up getting the last transfer at 7pm!


Oludeniz is a wonderful for families to go and enjoy. There is so much to do and it is so affordable. The food is lovely and it is so cheap. The accept Turkish Lira as well as GBP, you can also pay by card in most places. Travelling as a family of 5 was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I loved it especially because I got to spend lots of time with the boys alone while my partner got lots of time to bond with the baby. Turkey is very family friendly and many restaurants asked if we needed a high chair which we didn’t. The locals were obsessed with the children, the boys hair and especially Kaion, I don’t think they see Black babies often. They were also so lovely and we were treated like celebrities at times. Both of the boys really enjoyed the water park and said that was their most favourite part of the trip.

Well Turkey you were fun!

We look forward to the next Nahdz adventure…..



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