White Cliffs of Dover

Going out of London for the day is so exciting. The day we went it poured in London for the whole day but in Dover it was beautiful and the sun was shining so that was a bonus. Southeastern Railway had an offer for £10 fares to particular destinations. Majority of the destinations were beaches along the Kent coast which we have already been too. I saw Dover on the list then researched things we could do. I saw the White Cliffs of Dover hike and thought this would be a great first hike/ adventure for us.


Southeastern Railway

Booking tickets on the website was very easy. Micaiah did not need a ticket so the total was £15 for me and Ahaziah return. I think that is a bargain for a day out. It was free delivery and the tickets got sent out the next working day. You can also collect the tickets at the station if you prefer. We took the train from London Victoria to Dover Priory which is 2 hours on one direct train. The boys done well really on the train, they had the iPad and snacks of course.

Dover Priory

When we got off the train I put my ticket through the machine at the barrier and it took it. The machine didn’t recognise that it was a promotional return ticket so just be mindful to show the ticket officer instead. We had to look through what felt like 1 million tickets to find my one. After that minor saga we set off to the visitor centre to get a map for the hike. At the visitor centre there is also a small museum called Dover Museum & Bronze age boat gallery which is free to enter so we took a quick browse. The hike would take 40 minutes so we started our journey by heading to the beach.

Dover Seaside

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The seaside in Dover is beautiful, it is right next to the port so you can see the ferries. It is a pebble beach and the boys enjoyed throwing the pebbles into the water. The water is nice blue colour. Walking along the promenade was lovely and the views were amazing. One side had the water and the other side had the cliffs. I would definitely come back and spend a day here. It is not far from Dover Priory station either.



Port of Dover

We stopped here and looked at the ferries going by. I explained to the boys that they can travel to France from here, they were intrigued. It was nice to sit and watch the ferries and boats go by. The traffic here is also very busy. Dover is one of the busiest ports in Europe.


Hiking the White Cliffs of Dover


This was our first hike and it was so fun. When I asked people directions to walk they looked at me like I was crazy to take the boys. I knew they would be fine, they would be running and chatting and wouldn’t feel like they were walking that far/ long anyway.


Along the route was a few steps and narrow hills however it was still very accessible. We walked along looking back down at the port, the views were amazing. We finally made it to a welcome sign. The White Cliffs of Dover.

White Cliffs of Dover


The White Cliffs of Dover is a National Trust property. It was free to enter as we walked. There are more hiking routes you can of course see the chalk cliffs as well as visit the lighthouse. There is also a space where you can fly kites. We didn’t have a lot of time so we just walked to see the views of the white cliffs.  There are plenty of footpaths and view points. We went to one of the best most popular view points at the top where you can see the green hilltops, white chalk cliffs and sea.


The views were breathtaking and picturesque. I would love to spend longer here wandering along the different footpaths. We even saw horses in their natural habitat enjoying the grass. There are a few places to take really good photos.


After spending a few minutes looking at the cliffs in awe we decided to begin our journey back home. We headed back to the station, on the way back we did have to get two trains instead of a direct train but it was straight forward. There was also a minor delay.


Overall it was a fun, adventurous and affordable day out. I did not spend any money as I brought a packed lunch and lots of snacks for the journey. I would definitely recommend visiting the White Cliffs of Dover if you haven’t already. The Southeastern deal was brilliant so I would also recommend looking out for it next year. I hope you enjoyed reading about our first hike and I would love if you could recommend more.



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  1. What a super day out. We have not been to Dover and you had some super weather. My boys are awful for walking so glad you managed to do itc

  2. I love reading about days like this. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a good day out! I’ve only ever been to Dover to cross over to France, and it was nighttime – I’d love to visit and explore, it looks beautiful! X

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