4 Easy Shoe Box Crafts

As a child I remember making shoe box dolls houses and I absolutely loved it. Here are some easy shoe box craft ideas that you can do with your children.

Superhero City

You will need to make a city template then cut it out with card. Paint and decorate it in any colour of your choice, we went for a comic city scene. Once it is dry your little ones can use their figurines and use their imagination to role play. I remember I used to always get the boys play set for their figures and they hardly played with it. This is great because its someone that you can make with them and if they don’t play with it anymore you can just recycle it!


You will need pegs, something round or a marble, paint and bamboo sticks, we only had straws so we used that instead and it worked just fine. Paint the pitch as well as the tops of the pegs in two colours for the separate teams. Thread the straw through then attach the pegs. I also cut a square for the ball to roll out from the goal for when the other team scores a goal. Again the boys had a table top foosball table which then broke lol once this breaks they can recycle it.


You can use your imagination to create something similar. The main things we used were sea creature figures, cottonwool, tissue paper and paint.

Car park

Unfortunately the photo of the car park is not loading but if you swipe across on my Instagram post you will be able to see it. I made a ramp from the side of the top of the box. The boys love putting their cars in here.

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