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When I watch American Vlogs I always see them going to Pumpkin Patches. Every year I look for ones in the UK and never find anything as good. They usually have them but you can’t pick them from the ground and they usually don’t have a field full. I checked again this year and found two, I was so excited because the boys and I have never been to one. It was my partners day off work and we wanted to do something fun with the boys. I suggested the pumpkin patch but the weather forecast said it was due to rain all day so we planned to do some indoor activities instead. Luckily when we woke up the sun was shining so we decided to go.


We drove up to Basildon to Foxes Farm Produce, it was one hour drive away. There is free parking and free entry. You only pay for the pumpkins you pick. Prices range from £1 to £10 each. The boys were so amazed, they have never seen so many pumpkins. I was nervous on the drive coming thinking that it would not be like the pictures on the website especially as they have two picking fields. I was hoping that that there was a field full of pumpkins and I was beyond amazed. It is exactly like the the website and what I imagined a pumpkin patch would be like.


We go stuck in straight away and went around with our wheelbarrow. Ahaziah has never used a real wheelbarrow before so this was really good experience for him. He enjoyed being in control and took pride in packing his pumpkins. Micaiah enjoyed putting his baby pumpkins inside the wheelbarrow.


Pumpkin galore! We was spoilt for choice on which pumpkins to get. They had small, medium, large and extra large pumpkins. We tried looking for the ones that had the best shape and was not too muddy. We ended up getting small, medium, large and extra large to represent each one of us. Ahaziah was over 6 pumpkins tall and Micaiah was just under 5 pumpkins tall, although they are not standing on the same level.


There was was lots of hay stacks which the boys enjoyed sitting and standing on plus pumpkins all around. We managed to spend about one hour here so I think it was well worth the drive. It was good to get close to the hay stacks because we usually drive pass them on the motorway and the boys are always interested in them.


There was also a Maize Trail which was fun, plenty of pumpkins on the way through the corn field.


Daddy doesn’t get to come on our adventures as often because he usually has work but he enjoyed spending time with his boys today walking through the maize trial.


Who can pull the best funny face? I think it was mummy! Over all a brilliant day out for the whole family. A great way to experience autumn and pick some pumpkins. We will use our pumpkins for carving but they can be used for soups aswell. Yummy! If you have never been to a pumpkin patch I would suggest you go even if you don’t celebrate halloween. It is a fun and great experience.

Until next year at another pumpkin patch.


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