Halloween?! Yay or Nay….

Growing up I never celebrated or even acknowledged halloween. I was told not to open the door if any children knocked for trick or treat. Due to that Halloween is a holiday I’ve never really been fussed about. However since having children my partner was excited to take Ahaziah trick or treating. Personally I have no issues with Halloween. I know everyone has their own opinion but for me I don’t think it is anything negative as such, it was just a holiday which I didn’t celebrate growing up.


October 2013

was the first year we did anything for Halloween, I stated that there was no way I would be knocking on anyones door saying trick or treat so I left that for my partner. However, since I love to be creative I thought I would carve my first ever pumpkin. Ahaziah really enjoyed it.


October 2014

Micaiah was able to join in this year. The previous year we carved the pumpkin and baked biscuits so I did the same this year. I love personalising things so I carved “Zai Cai” on to the pumpkin instead. It gets better though.


October 2015

I think my creativity got better. I showed the boys examples of different pumpkins for them to choose from. Ahaziah choose a face and Micaiah choose a Bat and honestly seeing them light up in the dark (picture is at the top) it looked so cool. I wonder how they will look this year.


I want to conclude and say don’t let your childhood, or other peoples belief or opinion get in the way of letting your children explore and create memories in their childhood. I let the boys choose what they wanted to carve this year. Ahaziah wants a skeleton and Micaiah want Chase from PawPatrol. Watch this space to see how it turns out.


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