Childhood Illness

Chicken Pox

At some point our children suffer from childhood illness. One in particular is chicken pox. I thought I would share this post for other parents who may want to try some remedies to help a child suffering with chicken pox.

Ahaziah came up with rashes twice. Both times the doctor said it was chicken pox. I didn’t think it was because one rash in particular scabbed over the next day. Some people would say this was mild chicken pox I would say it wasn’t. These rashes were a year apart.

Recently Micaiah came out in spots. One was in his scalp, a few on his face and one on his arm. I thought maybe this could be chicken pox. That night he took himself to bed which I thought was quite strange. The next morning I made an appointment at the doctors because even though there was a few more spots I wasn’t sure. 20170521_202325

The doctor confirmed that it was chicken pox because he also had a temperature. As the day went on he got more spots. By the next day he was totally covered. I was shocked, I remember saying to myself Micaiah never has a mild case of anything.


Generally Micaiah was OK. The spots came up on Sunday and by Wednesday he was happy and back to his normal self giving me a whole heap of talking. He didn’t scratch and didn’t complain of any itching. I gave him piriton and nurofen. I creamed him with calamine cream.

Three weeks later, Ahaziah started to show up with some spots. The day Micaiah came out with chicken pox I was baby sitting my baby cousins. That same week my cousin had told me that her children had chicken pox. Then I thought maybe he is getting it then but I didn’t understand why they didn’t get it at the same time. I realised now that it was because of the incubation period.


Ahaziah was covered from head to toe. He had it so bad. In his scalp, in his throat, on his lip, on the bottom of his foot.

Once Ahaziah was better I shared a few of these pictures on my Instagram. The remedies that people suggested were really good. I wish I had posted it when he was actually suffering. This is why I have decided to share what people told me in hope that it could help your child.

One thing I would say is that as long as your child doesn’t pick the scars they will eventually fade. I am shocked at how fast Micaiah’s face has cleared up.

Remadies for Chicken Pox

  • keeping them cool and hydrated
  • using pritt stick to help stop itching
  • bathing in oats
  • calamine lotion
  • loose clothing and lots of cuddles
  • lemon and lime bath (cut a whole lemon and lime in half, squeeze the juice out then with the remaining cut into slices and let the slices float)
  • shea butter
  • avocado seed (peel and grate then paste all over at night then wash in the morning)
  • lots of rest and extra treats
  • virasoothe cooling spray gel

Has your child had chicken pox?

What remedies did you try?

Has your child had the chicken pox vaccine?

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