Elf on the shelf with Clarkes Closet

Elf on the shelf is a tradition I started with my boys a few years ago. As with everything I make up my own rules and regulations as I go along. I love giving my children the opportunity to believe in the magic of Christmas and as they get older I can sense that they know everything is fiction but it is fun and something to look forward to every year. Elf on the Shelf is a elf which enters your home and reports back to Santa if the children have been good or bad. The Elf is magic and cannot be touched, if a child touches him his magic will go. During the night the elf moves around the house and makes mess and he can leave messages for the children. Every morning the boys wake up the first thing they do is search the house for the elf.

In the past years we have used the traditional dodgy looking elf but I was so excited when we purchased a black elf from Clarkes Closet. Clarkes Closet is a UK based company of homemade rag dolls and children’s accessories. Clarkes Closet makes dolls in every shade to have a level representation in children’s play. I have been a supporter of Clarkes Closet for some time and can vouch for an outstanding service and amazing quality products.

We named our elf Malachi and heres what he got up to over the festive period

Day one, the elf makes an entrance, if you have not done this before it is a good idea to get a letter of arrival, you can find this on google. Otherwise, if the child has done it before a grand entrance stating that they are back is enough. I stuck “let the games begin!” in washi tape on the door.

Day two, the elf has taken out the cars and is winning the race.

Day three, the elf has taken all the candy canes off the tree and made a zipline.

Day four, the elf has drawn snowmen on the toilet roll and relaxing on top.

Day five, the elf has made a count down of the days left till Christmas using Lego.

Day six, the elf has taken out all the things needed to make salt dough ornaments.

Day seven, the elf is rock climbing up the wall.

Day eight, the elf is inviting the children to play noughts and crosses using mini marshmallows.

Day nine, the elf is wishing he was relaxing on a beach somewhere.

Day ten, the elf is is sliding down the banister on the garland.

Day eleven, the elf is having a bubble bath and deep conditioning his curls.

Day twelve, the elf is swinging from the door frame. At this point the boys told me that Malachai is not as naughty as our old elf Elfie so I decided to make him get a little mischievous.

Day thirteen, the elf had emptied the book shelf onto the floor.

Day fourteen, the elf tied up Spiderman and Captain America

Day fifteen, the elf used toilet roll to roll down the stairs and write another countdown till Christmas.

Day sixteen, the elf made himself some cocopops.

Day seventeen, the elf made a snowflake.

Day eighteen, the elf wrapped himself in dental floss and made a sign saying “I’m Flossin”

Day nineteen, the elf and the fairy from the top of our tree roasted marshmallows under the tree together.

Day twenty, the elf was on the road side to recovery fixing the broken down Lamborghini.

Day twenty one, the elf played crazy golf.

Day twenty two, the elf robbed the bank in Monopoly.

Day twenty four, the elf left a goodbye Christmas eve gift for the boys to open together, he said it is his last night and congratulated the boys for being good.

We had such a fantastic time with Malachai and he had such a busy time with us. This is all for fun and is part of our family tradition. What traditions do your family have? Comment below.

Until next year with more adventures with our little elf.

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