Family Photoshoot with Mellz Photography

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Hey, my name is Nahdia and I wanted to share with you my family story session with Mellz Photography. When Mellz approached me about this idea I thought it was brilliant! As a crafty mum I’m always the one who takes the photos. It is a bit of a disadvantages as sometimes I am not able to live in the moment and enjoy the activity because I am busy trying to capture it. The purpose of a family story session is to capture 3 things your family enjoy doing together.

Set Up One

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It was Easter soon so we decided to create a Easter Collage. I love creating collages with my boys. I think it gives them the opportunity to express themselves and be creative with no limits. I provided a range of materials so they could paint, stick and just have fun. I used potatoes that they could paint for Easter Eggs, shredded paper, pastel coloured pom poms and foam Easter stickers.

Potato printing is so much fun!

Set Up Two

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Homemade sludge! I used cornflower, warm water and food colouring. I wanted it to look like the Ninja Turtles had mutated. What I loved in particular about this session is that Micaiah usually doesn’t like having certain textures on his hands but he climbed into this box! This was such a brilliant sensory experience and Mellz captured all our facial expressions.

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That’s it Cai, get it all over your hands, on your face. Hi 5 your brother.

Set Up Three

We took the last session to the local park. Mellz came along with us and captured us as we walked down the road.

We took a bunch of stuff with us to the park. The boys climbed trees, tried to ride the skateboard and bounced on ‘sit and bounce’ balls. It was a wonderful day, the weather was beautiful and we had so much fun.

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This image in particular captures my boys doing what they love, running through leaves going on an adventure. Ahaziah at the front of course and his brother behind following his every move.

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I also love this photo as it captures them naturally. Ahaziah being silly and his brother looking up to him and adoring him. Its true what they say “I am my brothers keeper’. I feel this photo captures the relationship they have.

Mellz Photography Ltd

Honestly Mellz Photography is brilliant. She had brilliant customer service, she is efficient, takes brilliant photos and enjoys the day with us. Mellz prides herself in existing in photos. I also believe this, it is so important to print our pictures rather than have a digital copy. Thank you again Mellz for such a brilliant photo session. I am glad I have this great memories captured of my family. This was my family story session, I would love to see yours.




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