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For my cousins 30th birthday her friends surprised her with a pamper party. I decided to blog about the day because it was such a wonderful experience. The great thing is when I got to the shop I recognised the business owner. I used to look after her daughter a few years ago and I remember her telling me about her business idea and here she is running her own business. Mothers Inc was created for mothers by a mother.


About Mothers Inc

The purpose behind Mothes Inc is to have a child friendly space while offering a quality service where mothers can come, let go and enjoy a well deserved moment. A lot of the time, it is a non stop job with kids, job, home life and more. We then tend to forget that is is so important to stop and replenish. That is what Mothers Inc was created for. Mothers are awesome and it is incredible to see a mother relax, unwind and float out of the shop after a treatment.

The inspiration to start Mothers Inc came when Ehi, who is the creator of Mothers Inc became pregnant with her second child. Ehi said “when I found out I was pregnant, there was no where for me to go if I wanted a treatment and I had my child with me so I thought something needed to be done! My children keep me motivated to let them know that they can do anything they put their mind to.”

Mothers Inc targets mums, mummies and mothers. They also provide treatments for fathers, women, men and children. Mothers Inc host pamper parties for adults and children. Mothers Inc also host baby showers and hen nights.

Mothers Inc offer a wide range of treatments: – Holistic massage, which treats the individual as a whole and the treatment is tailored. Pregnancy massage which is popular at Mothers inc. Deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, facials, reflexology, acupuncture, aqua massage and craniosacral therapy . On top of that they also do beauty based treatments like manicures, pedicures and waxing.

Contact Mothers Inc

124 Forest Hill Road, East Dulwich, SE22 0RS
020 8693 4033
07811 930 993

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Ebony’s 30th Pamper party

We had exclusive use of the venue. Upon entering on the reception table there was a personalised sash, flowers and bubbly provided by Mothers Inc.



Behind the reception area was where the party was held, there was a small creche area which was suitable for under 2’s. A table was provided with some snacks by Mothers Inc but we also brought our own and a few drinks.


There was 5 of us including my cousin Ebony. We all received one treatment and my cousin  received two treatments.


Treatment room

Ehi took us individually downstairs for our treatments. We all went for the back, neck and shoulder massage. Ehi gave us a choice of relaxing, firm or a bit of both for the strength of the massage. The massage felt amazing, everyone back up saying “that felt so good”

Ehi had her sister helping her at the reception by playing the music aswell as keeping us entertained. I can honestly say I felt so welcomed and comfortable. We were laughing, singing and telling stories, it felt as if I had known them for years. Its an amazing feeling to go to a spa and feel so connected with the staff.

We all received our treatments, ordered pizza and generally had a great time. But that was not it, Mothers Inc provided some games. We played mothers bingo which I won might I just add. I am very competitive and I was very impressed with myself for winning and getting a prize. Ebony then received another gift provided by Mothers Inc.

Overall this was a impressive experience. I loved the extra mile Mothers Inc went to by providing a personalised sash, flowers, chocolates, organising games etc. It felt so genuine.

The final word

Mothers Inc “Because everyday should be Mothers day” Ehi wanted to add “There is no better feeling than loving what you do and I feel that a client can always tell the difference between someone’s passion through their treatments compared to someone who is just there to get paid. This is my passion.” I can say that I felt the passion through the treatment and the day. Mothers Inc went that extra mile to make the birthday girl feel special and her guest have such a great time.

Mothers day is just around the corner so be sure to get in touch for a treatment. Everyday should be mothers day so don’t just wait for mothers day. As a mother I know how important it is to have ‘me’ time. Mothers need to be happy and healthy to be able to look after children so make sure you look after your own well being. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you again to Ebony’s friends who organised this pampers party. Thank you to Mothers Inc who provided an all round excellent experience. Thank you to Ehi’s sister who made us all feel welcomed, at home and comfortable. Book a party or a treatment today!