Weaning for me is the most exciting time for me because I love cooking and trying new meals. I would like to point out firstly that I am not a nutritionist but this is the weaning experience I have done for all three of my boys.

I decided to raise Kaion plant based for now due to allergies and severe skin conditions Micaiah had. I also waited till the 6 month mark before I started weaning him although I feel he was ready before then but really wanted to rule that out. Kaion has been exclusively breastfed for 6 months and even now he still hasn’t had any plant based milk, he has however had coconut based yoghurt but i’ll explain more about that later.

I decided to do a combination of Baby Led Weaning as well as mashing his food. The first 6 month was just me getting him introduced to different flavours and textures rather than meals. Now he is on 3 meals a day.

Weaning essentials

Kaion is my chemical free, non toxic, no plastic, no microwave, all natural baby lol. I am trying to ensure where possible that everything I give him is pure and natural. These are some of the must haves when weaning.

I decided to purchase this steamer. A lot of research went into finding the best one and I went with this, it is cost effective, works well and I can use it for the whole family. I decided against getting “baby” products as I knew he would be enjoying family meals and chances are they wouldn’t last long. With this steamer I can cool a meal for a family of 5. I went for this steamer as it was the only steamer in the UK that I could find which was BPA free.

I knew I wanted to go for a bamboo set for his meals but didn’t want to pay what the bigger brands charged. I found this set on Groupon. It comes with a plate, bowl and spoon, it is enough for now but as baby gets more meals you’ll probably need another set or more spoons. I love this set, I know it is safe, it comes with suction so he won’t knock it off the high chair. For maintenance of this product (all bamboo) you need to oil them down once a month, I use coconut oil on mine. These bowls cannot go in the microwave however I do not intend to warm any of his food in the microwave.


It is very important to offer water throughout the day when a child is weaning although Kaion has been having sips of cooled boiled water from a bottle since about 1 month. I switched to this cup at abut 4 months. No particular reason why this cup but its great for him to hold, doesn’t spill and he can sip from any angle.

The last product I would like to share is this stainless still thermos which I use if I am going out for the day. He will also use it when he starts nursery. As I don’t want to reheat his food in the microwave and and sometimes I can’t always make his food fresh this is the best option for me. It keeps the food warm for unto 4 hours provided you pre heat it with boiled water for about 10 minutes before hand. I like this product and would recommend.

The other must haves I think is a high chair, I went for the standard IKEA one but brought the insert as it is padded, I also purchased a stainless steel pan for him which is safer than aluminium and non stick pans.

I didn’t realise this blog was going to be so long but now lets get onto the food.

I started with veg at first and gave them singular to rule out allergies, the only thing I think he may have reacted to was butternut squash, I since then have not given it to him. The first veggies you should try are sweet potato, avocado, spinach, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and parsnip. The first fruit you should try are banana, apples, pear, blueberry, mango, papaya. I steamed apples and pears before giving it to him.


I didn’t start giving him breakfast till about 7 months. I blend normal organic oats and use breast milk. I find it better when I boil his porridge in the pan. I started off with plain oats but now I add fruit for more flavour, texture and colour.

Blueberry Oats porridge

Strawberry Oats porride

What I love about oats is that it is so versatile and you can do so much with it. I’ve also made pancakes with it as well as baked it.

Blueberry pancakes with fresh fruit

Banana fritters with fresh banana

I used oats, breast milk and banana to make these fritters

Blueberry baked oats, Koko yogurt, fresh fruit

I’ve also given him wetabix for breakfast. Again I made it on the stove with breast milk. The first time it was quite thick and he enjoyed it, this time I added bananas but it was a bit too milky.

Weatabix and Banana


Dinner or Lunch

Carrot and Spinach

For BLW I give him a combination of finger food and mash. He enjoys feeding himself.

Avocado and Banana

Lentil curry, Sweet potato fries, fresh mango

Vegetable curry with brown rice

I steamed his rice in the steamer, I made the curry with onions, garlic, oregano, turmeric, chopped tomato and coconut milk. This was a meal that I cooked for the whole family.

Jacket potato with steamed veg

Fry up

I used reduced salt and sugar beans and cooked them down in sweet pepper. The vegetarian sausage is a brand called GOSH and he had the sweet potato and sweet pepper flavour. This was the first time I gave him egg and he wasn’t allergic.

Pasta with homemade tomato sauce

For the pasta sauce I used chopped tomato, garlic, onion and spinach.


Koko yoghurt banana and chia seeds

Some people may argue that children or babies don’t need snacks but I think its helpful in breaking up the time in between breast and meals. I usually give Kaion fresh fruit, yoghurt or Organix snack- not the whole pack but a few, these are helpful especially when we travel or when we are out and about.

I hope you found this blog useful, I found that when weaning I didn’t actually know what to give him so these are just some ideas. I’ll continue to add to this blog with more ideas as I try different meals with him.


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