Why I didn’t share my pregnancy on social media

I am going to be as transparent in this post as possible and share the feelings I had for the last 9 months. When I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time I will be honest I wasn’t over the moon, I wasn’t disappointed but I was more irritated at the app I was using to track my fertility. However, I was blessed and grateful that I was able to have another child, I have realised in the last few years that it is not always easy for women to conceive and have a full term pregnancy so for that I am thankful. None of my pregnancies were planned and I don’t believe in planning pregnancies. For me personally I always wanted children in my 20’s and I wanted them close in age. Once Micaiah was 3 I decided that the age gap would be too big and I would rather not have anymore children. However there was other plans in store for me and my family.

I’ve never shared any of my pregnancies on social media because I think it is such a private, personal and intimate moment. One of the main worries I have is miscarriage. My mum had miscarriages between myself and my siblings and although I know her experience and my experience won’t necessary be the same it is a thought that is always in the back of my mind. That being said I would also like to add that there is nothing wrong with having a miscarriage as it is natural. I am fortunate to not have experience a miscarriage but I’ve always thought that is something I couldn’t handle, maybe I could but the thought always makes me feel uneasy. When I was pregnant with Micaiah I did share some photos of me and Ahaziah out and about but my Facebook is private and mainly for close friends and family.

Being a blogger sharing my pregnancy could have been a great thing. To connect with other expectant mums and share my experience but I just couldn’t do it. Especially as my Instagram is an open page. I don’t know everyone on there so to protect my space, my energy and unborn child I decided to wait till after the baby was born and make sure baby was healthy before I share such personal information. I think it is important to understand that as a blogger you can choose what you want to share, how you share it and when you share it. You shouldn’t feel obliged to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing. One thing though, I did document my pregnancy through pictures. I got this belly painting done by Heart In Art Workshop I was so impressed and happy with the painting and I feel like it is a great way to capture pregnancy. I decided to go for a scan photo which was painted (face paint) on perfectly and the boys had a handprint each, one pink and one blue because we didn’t know what we was having at the time. When I was pregnant with Ahaziah I got a belly cast which was good but also as waste of space and its nowhere to be seen now. At least with this photo I can print it for my scrap book and even to display in my home. I even used photos of the belly paint to stick on favours of my gender reveal so it came in very handy.

While pregnant I also went on a baby moon which was so relaxing. I have never travelled while pregnant before but I had a positive experience. My partner and I went to Maderia for a few days. We stayed in a spa resort with an infinity pool and it was so nice to relax and spend time with each other before having a new baby and becoming a family of 5. We hiked, we explored, we ate, we laughed and relaxed. We did explore the beautiful city and I took some wonderful photos so if you want to see a blog post on what we did let me know in the comments.

I love taking photos and took maternity photos when I was pregnant with Micaiah. I decided that this time I was going to do a milk bath. This was a DIY project which my sister helped me with. I am happy with how the photos came out and I love the colours. At this point I still didn’t know what I was having but orange and yellow are neutral colours and complimented my skin and bikini well. The milk bath felt really nice and silky on my skin too, with the citrus fruit and flowers it felt very relaxing.

So with both my pregnancies I found out what I was having during my scan. This time I didn’t want to find out but my partner did, we decided to meet in the middle and have a gender reveal, we found out the gender at 20 weeks, the sonographer wrote the gender on an envelope for me and we had the gender reveal at 35 weeks. When I was pregnant with Micaiah I knew I was having a boy because the pregnancy was exactly the same. This pregnancy was so different to the boys I was so sick, I couldn’t eat and I was so tired in the beginning. I did think though that my body had changed because I was older but I also felt like I was carrying like a boy- all in the front.

Planning a gender reveal was so fun and I loved being around those who are close to me. We revealed the gender in two ways- lucky we did because the first one was a fail but it was still fun. Me and my partner had confetti cannons and I made a box for the boys to open with balloons that came out with the gender. I was very strict and didn’t have anyone know what the gender was, I wanted everyone to be surprised and the only person who knew was the lady in card factory who filled the box with the balloons and she took the sticker off the right cannons that we needed to pop.

Its A BOY!!!

The feeling of having 3 sons and 4 kings around me makes me feel so blessed and protected. I have two boys which I think I am raising the best I can so adding one more is easy because I know exactly what I am doing. In my years of working in childcare I have always gravitated to boys. I have never been a girly girl so I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl. And can you imagine her lip- Oh don’t even get me started.

Tears of joy and happiness! I was not disappointed at all that I have another boy. I will say though that it is very annoying that because I have 2 boys people assume I want a girl or wish for me to have a girl. I know majority of people mean no harm and generally think that a girl would be nice for my family dynamic. But I won’t lie the comments for a girl did become irritating.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I am glad that I could finally share this special news with you. My pregnancy was very straight forward, no issues and I kept so busy and got on with it. This is a pre written blog post as I impatiently wait for baby to arrive but I am planning a home birth using hypno-birthing techniques so I will write up a labour and birth post.

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  1. Nahdz this is a beautiful post! Congratulations to you & your family & May God continue to bless you all 💙

  2. Beautiful and so honest it is something i can relate to being a mother of two and expecting my third. I wasnt excited at all just alot of negative emotions as i didnt think i would have anymore for now but im so grateful im apart of the women who can and this has shifted my mood to being positive. Thanks for sharing

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