Paint & Slurp Christmas Special

It had been a whole year since the last Paint & Slurp but Ahaziah suggested we bring it back and of course Christmas was the perfect time. Doing a Paint & Slurp during the festive time is a great Christmas activity for families and of course with a canvas to take home it is also a great gift for a family member.


Aliecee led the session and she is a London-based multimedia artist and illustrator behind a number of published and popular children’s books including Love Thy Fro, My Daddy Does and My Mummy is Superwoman. She has been a freelance creative for over 8 years and her work mainly explores themes of empowerment, representation and personal growth.


Working with Aliecee was amazing, she is so calm and patient with the children. Her step by step instructions made it so easy for everyone to follow. I was well impressed with our painting, it was a cosy wintery scene.

As usual it is always a pleasure seeing parents bonding with their children and doing something they haven’t done before however in this session everyone was a repeat attendee how awesome!


We slurp on snowmen banana and mint milkshakes. It was different because of the mint but it went down a treat and was refreshing. We only had one flavour due to the group being small and intimate and honestly I enjoyed it because it was less pressure on myself.


I know I say it EVERY time but I am so grateful for all the sponsors that helped put this event together. It helps me keep admissions cost low and families get much more than what they pay for. All brands that I work with are so generous, kind and thoughtful.

Yindi Curls

Yindi Curls is brand which runs hair workshops for parents and careers of curly kids. I went to a Yindi Curls workshop and I learnt so much. My son is 8 and his hair has got so thick and is harder to manage. I learnt that from the age of 8 boys go through hormonal changes and it makes their hair texture change. I made a avocado hair mask at the workshop with the boys. It smelt so good and left all of our hairs feeling soft. Yindi Curls gave away ORS hair care products, Yindi Curls sticker pack, Yindi Curls tote bag and a copy of Unruly Curls by Micheal Price.

Yindi curls have upcoming workshops this year and you can find the tickets on Eventbrite

Yindi Curls – Curly Kid Masterclass is a full day group hair masterclass designed to offer support and advice to parents/carers of particularly – although not exclusively black and mixed heritage children who want to learn more about the techniques, products, and tools needed to care for their child’s hair more effectively.

With live demonstrations, guest speakers, and a goodie bag to die for, our day masterclasses are guaranteed to boost your curl knowledge. Whether you’re a novice, amateur or curl connoisseur we’re to help.

Snacks and Refreshments Included- I will be attending the South London workshop however there are workshops in Liverpool and Birmingham.

The Great Eskape

Provide themed activity boxes for your little ones throughout the year and their motto is Get Lost In Play! Something I am a strong advocate for. The Great Eskape is an adventure for children and parents to travel through various fun and educational activity boxes!The aim is to bring a part of nursery / school life home! 🙂 Each box has been designed and developed by early years workers to create togetherness for both adult and child. Throughout the year boxes cater to a multicultural audience giving young children exposure to many widely celebrated events and festivals. The Great Eskape is a subscription service who also runs events throughout the year. They sponsored their December Christmas activity box which would make a perfect Christmas craft, advent calendar activity, Christmas present or even add it to a Christmas Eve box. You can purchase your box from the website. I am due to purchase a box for the boys and of course I will do a full review.

Very Puzzled

Is a jigsaw puzzle which has been designed to provide endless fun and topics of discussion that can be used as an excited way to learn. One puzzle is a map of Africa and the other is a Map of Ghana. Very Puzzled has a very simple mission to provide children and young adults of African Caribbean heritage with products that are reflective of their culture and heritage. As a mother of children of mixed African and Caribbean heritage it is important for me to find books and toys that represent our culture, this year I have managed to find a handful of books and toys which are diverse but we need more of course. When I brought the puzzle home my boys were instantly attracted to it. They were finding all the different countries and said they wanted one so of course I brought it for them and they opened it on Christmas Eve and completed it within 1 hour. The puzzle can spark so much conversation- What is the national dish? What is the capital? Can we go there?- That is what I heard the most! You can purchase your puzzle from the website.

Généraliste Shop

Was founded in September 2018 offer a curated mix of books, greeting cards and crafts, they want to give every child the chance to see themselves in the pages of a book, to dream, to love the skin they are in, to have compassion for others and know they are enough. They hope to bring smiles to both children’s and parent’s faces, and hopefully make the world a more understanding and embracing place.Their books represent the best of the BAME community, and although they exist to serve our communities, they firmly believe that if every household, regardless of their colour, diversified their bookshelf, we would live in a much better world. Généraliste shop sponsored Paint & Slurp by sending us a copy of Aya & Pete in Paris, Riley Can Be Anything, 4 book marks and a Multicultural Craft Set. I have been blogging for Généraliste shop on a Create With Nahdz project sharing ideas of activities you can do with your children with the multicultural craft set. You can order books, cards and crafts on their website.


Hippeas and Clearly Scrumptious

I would like to thank Hippeas Snacks for sending a variety their chickpea snacks which are organic, gluten-free, vegan, baked not fried, plant protein, packed with fibre, low in calories and absolutely delicious. The adults and children throughly enjoyed them. You can find Hippeas at whole foods markets, Ocado, Superdrug, Planet Organic, WHSmith, Waitrose, As Nature Intended and Holland and Barrett. The flavours include cheese & love, in herb we trust, far out fajita and sweet & smokin’.

I would like to thank Clearly Scrumptious for sending some of their scruffy snacks. Clearly Scrumptious is an affordable and healthy snack for children and adults. They source the finest ingredients which are unprocessed but tasty and nutritious. Clearly Scrumptious is suitable for vegans and doesn’t contain anything artificial. Clearly scrumptious range make a perfect healthy treat option for people who are not able to compromise on taste. Scrummies is the children’s range which is a mix of cranberry and raisins with natural fruit flavours.

The children and parents were all so proud of their creations and so was I. I look forward to working with Aliecee to bring future Paint & Slurp events to families.

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