Sensory Saturday 2nd June 2018

Sensory Saturday is a stay and play session for children and parents. I offered the opportunity for 30 children with their parents to take part in a sensory session led by myself. I set up 7 activities where the children had free flow access to investigate, discover and explore through play. Parents were able to meet and network with other parents, as well as join in with a fun session without the hassle of clearing it up! I was on hand offering support and guidance to encourage regular sensory sessions at home. The events get booked up at the last minute so I would defiantly book in advance to avoid disappointment. Again I am greatly thankful for the support and love shown by families and sponsors, you are the reason why I keep these events running.

Summer Rice Tray


To create this tray I dyed rice yellow and orange, I used fruit ice cubes, umbrellas and cups for decoration. The children enjoyed scoping, pouring and making ‘mocktails’. Rice is a low cost sensory resource and the play spaces you can make with it is endless. Rice is very popular at sensory Saturday and is so easy to clear up. Once the colours were all mixed together it looked awesome.

Dry Coloured Pasta


I used paint to dye this pasta because I wanted it to be vibrant. You can use food colouring but in my experience it has not come out as bright. The children loved using the tweezers to put the pasta into the bowls and well as crushing them towards the end. I put the pasta in the tuff tray on the floor which allows younger children to climb in.

ZimpliKids Slime Bath


The most popular tray this event. The kids literally started swimming in it. I cannot make slime, I’ve tried many recipes and I have not been able to get the consistency right so just being able to add water to a powder. Slime baff is a fantastic products for turning bathtime into an exciting and unique experience. It is 100% safe on skin, manufactured in the UK, stain free, non toxic and environmentally friendly, which means it can be drained away and disposed of easily. Slime Baff turns your bath water into a gooey, oozy bath of slime. We used it in the tray and the children had a blast.

Check out

Ice cream sensory tray


I used pop pom and coloured rice as sprinkles. The fairy lights also made it very inviting. The children were able to make ice cream cups from cotton wool balls and decorated them as they pleased.

The sack is great and affordable as it as so much resources, activities an recipes. The activities cover maths, expression arts and design, physical development, communication, language and literacy, personal, social and emotional development and understanding the world. You are able to access what stage your child is at using P levels. There are a few ice cream story sacks available but you can order train sack which also looks awesome.

Grab your sack using this link

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Butterfly Play dough


Recently I launched play dough kits which are available to purchase. A play dough kit includes home made play dough along with resources that a child is able make and create. Play dough is malleable and helps with fine motor skills, it also increases imagination, communication and vocabulary. Play dough kits are great because they can be brought anywhere and don’t make mess. Train journeys, airplanes, restaurants and of course at home. They make great birthday gifts or prizes.


To enquire about a play dough kit (different themes available) send me and email.

Cake Cloud Dough


This is a great invitation to bake taste safe sensory tray. Cloud dough is made from a combination of oil, I used cooking oil and flour. Using oil makes it similar to playing with flour but without the powdery mess, it make modules so you can form balls and in this case cupcakes. I used food colouring powder. I paired the cloud dough with pom poms, cupcake cases, cookie cutter, measuring cups and a wooden spoon.

Construction Site Sensory Tray


I used sand, pebbles and construction vehicles. Setting up small world areas like this helps develop language and imagination. It is so lovely to watch and listen to children play with small world. Having two types of textures on one tray encourages sensory touch, the sand is soft and grainy, the rocks are heavy and hard.



Thank you Fruit bowl and Clearly Scrumptious for sending snacks which were enjoyed by both children and adults especially during story time.

Fruit bowl knows that is isn’t always easy getting healthy snacks into our children’s bodies especially when your out on the go or the kids just want something sweet. Their irresistible snacks make eating fruit easier and the porttions are great for getting in o1 of their 5 a day as well as fitting it in lunch boxes. Fruit bowl products include fruit fakes, school bars, peelers and yoghurt coated in a variety of fruit flavours.

Clearly Scrumptious is an affordable and healthy snack for children and adults. They source the finest ingredients which are unprocessed but tasty and nutritious. Clearly Scrumptious is suitable for vegans and doesn’t contain anything artificial. Clearly scrumptious range make a perfect healthy treat option for people who are not able to compromise on taste. Scrummies is the children’s range which is a mix of cranberry and raisins with natural fruit flavours.

Story Time with Casey Elisha

Casey Elisha ‘read and seek’ her first book Love Thy Fro. Love Thy Fro is a book about a young girl called Kemi who loves her big, beautiful, curly afro hair. It is a simple book with a simple message which teaches young girls to embrace, appreciate, admire and love their hair from a young age. Casey hid hair products around the room and on each page the children had to find it. Items such as hairbands, beads, conditioner, afro comb and a doo-rag.

Casey also writes books highlighting the relationship mother’s have with their daughters as well as the relationship fathers have with their sons. The empowerment journal is a great way to encourage children to express themselves creatively and positively affirm themselves.

Casey Elisha Books presents I Am Festival, an event where children from all backgrounds can come to be celebrated and empowered, and to discover new literature with images that reflect their reality.

There will be a marketplace full of vendors, as well as workshops and activities for children and parents to take part in throughout the day.

Taking place on Saturday 21st July, I Am Festival is aimed at children aged 4-11 as well as their parents and guardians. The day will consist of free workshops and activities related to diverse literature and empowerment that children can get involved with.

There will be a number of workshops to on the day including workshops from Shade 7, Nahdz Adventures, children’s book illustrator Aliecee Cummings and the I Can Project.

There will also have a book reading from Davina Hamilton, author of Riley Can Be Anything and Riley Knows He Can.

There will be a selection of vendors on the day selling diverse children’s books, as well as other products, from Casey Elisha Books, No Ordinary Bookshop and Little Literatures.

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As well as the Literacy festival Casey is also creating a musical for Love Thy Fro, to support, donate or if you want more information check out her Instagram 



Is a hashtag and movement created by myself to encourage and inspire other parents. For me it is important that as parents we make memories with our children and capture these moments. I started sharing sensory play ideas which sparked interest with my followers. I then decided to create a hashtag and have weekly prompt that way we could have a bank of ideas that we could refer to whenever. I then decided to take it out the squares and meet. I am so glad I put together this event and I look forward to welcoming you at the next one on Saturday 7th July.

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