Sensory Saturday 3rd March 2018

On Saturday 3rd March I held my first Sensory Saturday session. Sensory Saturday is a stay and play session for children and parents. I offered the opportunity for 25 children with their parents to take part in a sensory session led by myself. I set up 7 activities where the children had free flow access to investigate, discover and explore through play. Parents were able to meet and network with other parents, as well as join in with a fun session without the hassle of clearing it up! I was on hand offering support and guidance to encourage regular sensory sessions at home. This event was sold out and I am so grateful and humbled by the support and love shown from families and sponsors. What I enjoyed seeing the most at the event is families: mums, dads and grandparents brought their children or grandchildren. It was amazing to see families come out together to play.

Jurassic Kingdom Sensory Tray

I used split green peas, red lentils, pine cones, twigs, rocks, pebbles, dinosaur toys and homemade salt dough fossils. This tray is colourful and is inviting for any explorer. This can easily be re created in the comfort of your own home, it also cleans up easily.

Sensory Saturday gave me to opportunity to catch up with other families that I speak to on Instagram.

Pasta with Utensils

This is the most easiest but satisfying sensory tray to put together. Honestly it takes seconds to set up but children can happily play in it for hours. Children love exploring by pouring and transferring and being able to put pasta into cups and bowls using their hands or spoons gives them a sense of achievement. This activity is perfect to do in the kitchen with your little one while you are preparing dinner.

Having a tuff tray gives children the chance to sit around the edge or even climb in!

Magnetic Alphabet Hunt

How pretty do all these colours look together. For this activity you will need magnetic wands, magnets, rice and pom poms. I dyed the rice using paint, putting them in ziplock bags and leaving it out to dry. Adding pom poms to the tray helps children learn the purpose of magnets. Through trial and error they will realise that the pom poms don’t attract with the magnets but the letters do. Rice is activity that can get messy BUT again it is so easy to clean up.

Homemade Play dough

My go to play dough recipe is

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoon cream of tar tar
  • 2 tablespoon oil
  • 1 1/2 cup boiled water
  • food colouring

The play dough table was one of the most popular tables. Home made play dough is so versatile because you can add scents, colour and glitter to match a theme or occasion. Making play dough is great because the children can be part of the process. It is non toxic and safe if younger ones accidentally eat some. It last for months. It is very cheap to make. Those are 4 great reasons why you should start to make your own play dough. I also made play dough mats asking questions like can you make 5 cupcakes?

Beach Sensory Tray

How gorgeous is this beach sensory tray though!!! Again this is another one I loved putting together. I used mini buckets, decorative nuggets, beach shells, sea creatures, boats and play sand. This is one of those sensory trays that most parents would not have in their home but I was glad I was able to put together a sand tray that children and parents could enjoy together.

The children enjoyed pouring the sand in and out of the buckets, and filling up the buckets with the decorative nuggets.

Shaving Foam and Cars Tuff Tray

Shaving foam is a cheap and fun sensory recourse however it can be very messy which means some parents don’t like to get messy and equally some children don’t like too much mess on their hands. I have done a number of shaving foam activities with my children in the past, the first was an ice cream parlour and my youngest was a bit apprehensive but I did a shaving foam activity with them the other day and they got in the tray, was covered from head to toe in shaving foam and had so much fun. I added cars and paint to this tray, cars usually encourage the boys to get stuck in and the paint adds colour as well as exploring how colours mix together.

As messy as this activity is it didn’t stop the children and their parents getting involved.


To keep the admission cost down I am grateful for the sponsors who sent refreshments for our families to enjoy.

I would like to thank Appy Kids Co for their continuous support with all my events. They sent their honestly good Roald Dahl Range which went down a treat. The Roald Dahl range consist of delicious flavours created with natural ingredients and no GMOs, gluten, added sugars, or artificial preservatives, featuring Roald Dahl’s famous book characters. Apply Kids Co have a new campaign which is “How to stimulate your kids creativity” look out for it on their website and socials.

I would like to thank Ella’s Kitchen for sending us exclusive discounts. Ella’s Kitchen specialise in organic and healthy products including pouches, snacks and juices.

I would like to thank WUBLWater, WUBLWater is the first spring water created just for children, promoting hydration and fun in what is one of the first spring waters in a carton.  It offers a genuine alternative to the sugary drinks that you find in chillers and shelves when out and about with your children. One astonishing fact is that a well known smoothie brand, targeting small kids, has 18 grams of sugar per carton and a four year old child can only have 20 grams of sugar in an entire day!! WUBLWater have a unique online play space they created called WUBLWorld and parents can go onto that with their little ones now, it’s free to use.  The url is https://WUBL.World

WUBLWater is available to purchase on Amazon

I would like to thank Ape Snacks for sending us some of their coconut curls. These snacks were enjoyed by the children especially. I had so much parents ask where they can buy them as their child likes them! Ape snacks created their snacks so that eating healthily is delicious, easy and more fun.

Sweets_andmore provided our branded kitkat favours

Story Time with Davina Hamilton

After the children had a busy session exploring different play stations we got them to relax and wind down with a story time with Davina Hamilton author of Riley Can Be Anything! Riley can be anything is a uplifting and powerful story about Riley who learns that if he dreams big and works hard, he can be anything. The inspiring rhyming story follows Riley as he discovers some of the wonderful things he can do when he grows up. With the help of his big cousin Joe, Riley is taken on a series of imaginative journeys that allow him to realise he can be anything he wants to be. My boys really enjoyed this story and I was delighted when Davina was available to take part in the session. The children were engaged and the story sparks conversation with children and their parents about their goals and ambitions.

You can purchase a copy of Riley Can Be Anything on Amazon 


Is a hashtag and movement created by myself to encourage and inspire other parents. For me it is important that as parents we make memories with our children and capture these moments. I started sharing sensory play ideas which sparked interest with my followers. I then decided to create a hashtag and have weekly prompt that way we could have a bank of ideas that we could refer to whenever. I then decided to take it out the squares and meet. I am so glad I put together this event and I will continue to do them monthly so look out for the next one.

20 thoughts on “Sensory Saturday 3rd March 2018”

  1. Wonderful event ! Aaleyah had a blast it was nice to all the other children happy 😃 I learnt some new activities that I can do with my princess ! It was nice to see the lovely photos of her. Thanks again Nahdz !

  2. This sounds like such a wonderful event! There are great sensory play ideas here as well. You have inspired me with some indoor play with my kids, so thank you!

    1. Thank you, the kids enjoyed and the adults enjoyed the chat with other families knowing they didn’t have to clear up anything lol

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