Sensory Saturday 5th May 2018

Sensory Saturday is a stay and play session for children and parents. I offered the opportunity for 30 children with their parents to take part in a sensory session led by myself. I set up 7 activities where the children had free flow access to investigate, discover and explore through play. Parents were able to meet and network with other parents, as well as join in with a fun session without the hassle of clearing it up! I was on hand offering support and guidance to encourage regular sensory sessions at home. The events get booked up at the last minute so I would defiantly book in advance to avoid disappointment. Again I am greatly thankful for the support and love shown by families and sponsors, you are the reason why I keep these events running. This month the theme was all about spring and growth. Continue reading to find out what the kids got up to!


Mini Beast Garden

To create this tray I dyed rice brown using acrylic paint. I used craft leaves and flowers, mini beast, magnifying glass and rakes. Rice is defiantly a popular sensory tray at sensory Saturday the children really enjoy it so I always make it inviting to play with. Rice is low cost and easy to clean up so it makes a great sensory bin to have. The children looked through the magnifying glass to look at the mini beast and flowers.

Rainbow Butterfly Oats

I dyed oats using food colouring and water, I did add ALOT of water so it took a few days to dry but I wanted the colours to be vibrant. Again I paired the butterflies with magnifying glasses. Once the children had played in it and the colours mixed together it looked so pretty. I used food colouring to dye the oats because I am aware that children who attend still explore by putting things in their mouth. This was a safe edible sensory tray. Like rice oats is another low cost sensory bin and when stored in air tight container can last for months.

Spring Garden

For this tray I used cocopops for the soil, plastic flowers, spades and shredded green craft material. As mentioned before I make sure there are a range of activities suitable for children to put in their mouth- my four year old enjoyed eating the cocopops. This invitation to plant sensory tray is great fun. Children will enjoy pretending to plant flowers without the mess of soil on their hands.

Three Little Pigs Tuff Tray

Thank you to Story Props for sending these spoons to use in our tuff tray. The children enjoyed retelling the story and building houses out of bricks, sticks and straw. Early years children love wooden spoons and the fact that these had characters on them made them so much fun. Lots of role play, language and social learning going on here.

Story Props specialise in handmade story props including peg dolls and spoons to support the sharing of stories and rhymes. They will engage children’s creativity and imagination whilst helping to develop their communication and language skills in a fun and exciting way.

Check out Story Props for all your handmade story and rhyming props





Beach Sand/ Play Dough

How awesome is this beach themed play dough set up

My go to play dough recipe is

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoon cream of tar tar
  • 2 tablespoon oil
  • 1 1/2 cup boiled water
  • food colouring

For the sand dough I used 1 cup of playing sand and 1 cup flour. I usually use beach sand to make sand dough but using playing sand worked just as well. Home made play dough is so versatile because you can add scents, colour and glitter to match a theme or occasion. Making play dough is great because the children can be part of the process. It is non toxic and safe if younger ones accidentally eat some. It last for months. It is very cheap to make.


Garden Tuff Tray


This invitation to plant was great and look at this cute little boy planting beans. Having tuff trays on the floor make it accessible for pre walkers to climb in and explore. I added children size gardening gloves incase some children wanted to explore but didn’t want to get their hands messy. For the beans I used kidney beans, chickpeas and butter beans. The children enjoyed planing beans. I decided not to add water to this tray because it would get very messy nevertheless the children had a blast.

Frozen Flower Sensory Play

Since we had a hot bank holiday weekend it was only right ice play was on the list. I froze pom poms and flowers to cool the children down in the heat. The children as well as the parents loved it. Some children were having a competition to see who could hold ice in their hands for the longest. Other children enjoyed being able to cool down. It is also great for children who are teething. Ice is the easiest sensory play activity expcially when we have wonderful weather.



Thank you Little Dish for sending vouchers for all children to redeem a free kids meal. Little Dish specialise in making making good nutritious meals and snacks for your little ones. The toddler meals are family meals that we cook at home. Flavours include fish pie, bolognese, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagne, chicken and veg risotto, cottage pie, chicken pie, ravioli, korma, shepherds pie, chilli, chicken tikka, mash and sausage.


Sweets_andmore provided our branded water.

Story Time with Michaela Alexander

Michaela is the author of Miles & Mia A to Z  an educational, picture book that teaches children different letters of the alphabet in a fun way. Featuring rhyming text and colourful original illustrations. Michaela created this book when her children Miles and Mia asked why there were no books in their nursery that looked like them. “All children need to find themselves in a book. Seeing characters like themselves in books and in the media will impact the level of confidence and self-worth they develop” Michaela Alexander

The book is based on Miles and Mia’s adventures growing up in London. Miles is 6 and enjoys football and playing outdoors. Mia is 4 and is full of energy she enjoys singing and ballet. Michaela read the story and the children were able to dress up as Miles and Mia and other letters in the alphabet. It was very interactive and the children enjoyed getting involved.

Every child was presented with a certificate at the end for excellent reading from Michaela herself. The children were well engaged and really enjoyed dressing up! It was also a great to meet real life Miles and Mia


You can purchase your copy of Miles & Mia A to Z here



Is a hashtag and movement created by myself to encourage and inspire other parents. For me it is important that as parents we make memories with our children and capture these moments. I started sharing sensory play ideas which sparked interest with my followers. I then decided to create a hashtag and have weekly prompt that way we could have a bank of ideas that we could refer to whenever. I then decided to take it out the squares and meet. I am so glad I put together this event and I look forward to welcoming you at the next one on Saturday 2nd June.


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