1, 2, 3 Do the Dinosaur

1,2,3 do the dinosaur written by Michelle Robinsons is a lovely picture book about a little boy called Tom who teaches you how to be a dinosaur. The book uses language like stomp, chomp, swish, crash and of course roar. All three boys enjoyed listening to the story, Kaion banged each page and the older boys screamed roar at every opportunity. I enjoyed this book as a night time read even though it did hype them up a bit.

Micaiah liked when tom said to the T Rex “sure you can copy me” he also like when Tom went onto the dinosaurs face because it was funny. Micaiah said the pictures are really good and funny. Ahaziah noticed that this book is a rhyming book and said he knows why it is called 1,2,3 dinosaur because they say it every other page. This makes it a great read for small children as they love to join in and know what is coming next. Ahaziah also likes when they (the dinosaurs and Tom) were walking on the T Rex body and asked a question, “do you think they saw us?” Ahaziah said it must be a rhetorical question.

This book is colourful and the illustrations are perfect for children under 7. I love Toms curly hair and big eyes. This book is great for any dinosaur lover or to pair with a dinosaur learning table, it is great for music and movement as you encourage children to walk, stomp, move and roar like a dinosaur.

This book was featured in the Imagination Me Stories October subscription box, read my full review here. It was included in our family combo box as well as in the early readers 0-3 box. I am so glad it was featured in this box otherwise I wouldn’t have come across it.

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