A Dance to Remember

A dance to remember written by Lorna Liverpool is a story about a girl called Kaa’hina who is performing a dance for a festival of dance in the park. The problem is, she keeps getting her steps wrong. Kaa’hina is nervous but expresses her feelings to her parents who then present her with a special gift which is an Ankh which her grandma Pea had left for her. Kaa’hina goes on a magical journey where she meets her ancestors who perform a magical dance for her to remember. Kaa’hina gets the confidence that she needs to perform her dance at the festival.

Micaiah enjoyed the story, he said that Kaa’hina saw an old lady who had a stick. The lady had an Ankh which was colourful. The lady Kaa’hina and her teddy flew to a waterfall where she saw all her grandmothers. Kaa’hina was sad because she kept doing her dance wrong. Her parents made her feel better by giving her a kiss, a bear hug and an Ankh chain from her grandmother. His favourite part was at the end where everyone was at the festival, there was cupcakes, sweets and ice cream. He also liked the waterfall where all the grandmothers were performing an African dance to Kaa’hina.

Ahaziah also enjoyed this story, I asked him to retell the story and he said. Once there was a girl called Kaa’hina, she was performing an African dance with her friends from school. Every time she practiced the dance she kept messing it up. That night her mum gave her a small box which contained a chain called an Ankh. When she held the ankh it glowed light green and it took her to a beautiful enchanted garden. In that garden there were birds singing, butterflies, oak trees and flowers. One of the butterflies flew onto her shoulder. Then an old lady appeared and banged her gold stick and took them both to a lake to watch some African dancing. Kaa’hina watched all the grandmothers dance. Grandma Pea came and gave her a bear hug she felt happy and tearful because she hadn’t seen her grandma Pea in a long time. Finally Kaa’hina went back home and was ready to perform her African dance at the festival. His favourte part is was when the grandmas were performing an African dance on the crystals. Ahaziah said that when he is acting sometimes he can get nervous. He said practicing made him build his confidence.

This is a lovely book which we have read a few times. Ahaziah got it for his 6th birthday. The illustrations are beautiful and help the text come alive. This is a great book to read to a child who may be nervous about a performance. The best thing for them to do be happy, enjoy it and do their best- ultimately that is all that matters. We would rate the book 5 stars. There are questions at the end of the story which both boys were able to answer.

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