Aya & Pete in Paris!

Aya & Pete in Paris tells the story of a little girl called Aya, who travels to Paris with her favourite stuffed toy Pete and parents. The adventure begins at home when her mum wakes her up, they get ready and head to the airport. Aya receives flashcards in French from her dad as a gift to play with on the journey. Once in Paris they visit the famous landmarks within Paris. This book sparked so much conversation between myself and the boys especially since they have been to Paris a few times. The story explored geography, language, food, culture, currency and key landmarks.

The book writes some parts in French which was really good because the boys learnt a few French words. The book talks about paying in Euros, we discussed currency in other countries. Key landmarks are written in blue italics which meant we could research the places we have not been before. The illustration in this book was great, bright colourful and detailed.

Ahaziah’s favourite part of the story was when Pete accidentally broke the hand in the museum. He said Aya said don’t touch anything Pete and of course Pete touched it, then the illustrations show the hand away from the body. Micaiah’s favourite part of the story was when they went to Paris on the plane and the lady spoke to them in French. They would rate the book 5/5 and would recommend to friends. The boys would love to see Aya & Pete go to Sri Lanka, Morocco and Egypt next.

I loved reading this book to the boys especially putting on a French accent and teaching them French words. This book awesome because my boys love to travel and this gave them more information about Paris that they didn’t know. It also brought up memories they had from Paris like what they saw on the River Seine and when we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and it was pouring with rain and windy.

The amazing adventures of Aya & Pete in Paris fits perfectly on our book shelf especially as we are growing our diverse book collection.

You can get your copy of this book on Amazon.

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