Bricktropolis written by Rachel Beckles is a book about a boy called Brandon who gets the consequence of not keeping his Bricktropolis house neat and tidy. Brandon’s mum said Brandon should break down all his Bricktopolis houses because there was too many and she could hardly get into his room, this made Brandon upset.

Micaiah enjoyed this story and his favourite part is when he makes a big town. Micaiah loved seeing the Bricktopolis buildings because he loves to play with Lego and likes to make models with them. I asked Micaiah how Brandon felt and he said that when his mum told him to break down the Bricktropolis houses he felt angry and cross, he showed this by breaking them all down by punching and kicking them. when he was asleep he couldn’t wake up properly, he could only open one of his eyes. He saw a man who was angry who told him he would put him in the cupboard because he broke their buildings. Micaiah really likes playing with bricks and he has already made a spaceship. Now he has read this story he is going to make a big long building so he can put some people inside.

Throughout the story Ahaziah kept saying “its a dream, its a dream”, when he realised it was a dream he said I told you so. Ahaziah enjoyed the story and listened attentively. He said Brandon’s mum was shocked to see that Brandon’s Bricktropolis buildings had taken over his room and she was speechless. She said Brandon put away these bricks right now and Brandon was out of rage. He smashed everything down with a smash, crack and bash. Late that night the brick people came alive like in Toy Story. They climbed onto Brandon’s bed, they itched his nose and tied him up with brick tape. Brandon was petrified but he couldn’t look away. Instead of looking away he stood there and was brave instead of being scared of brick people. The brick people ask him  what happened to their buildings and he explained that his mum said he should tidy up. The president of the brick people said he made more mess than tidying up.

The book is vibrate, bright and colourful. The illustrations are great and the brick people look real like it could have happened in real life. Towards the end of the story in Brandon’s room Ahaziah noticed a picture of Bob Marley in a frame on the wall. He asked who is that because he looks familiar, I told him who it was. I felt that was a great representation, we listened to a Bob Marley playlist whilst writing up this review.

Ahaziah rates the book 5 stars and Micaiah rates in 14 stars because he really really loves the book!



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