Daddy Do My Hair? Series Review

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Tola Okogwu is the author of the Daddy do my hair book series. I was fortunate to have Tola read her new book Kelechi’s hair goes every which way at my Sensory Saturday event . I was behind the scenes taking photos so wasn’t able to hear the story but all the children looked and sounded engaged. I loved that they were repeating a rhyme from the story saying her hair “goes this way, goes that way, goes every which way“. I brought the whole series of course because representation matters and I am building up the boys book case with diverse books.We decided to review all 3 books and put them in order of our favourites.

Daddy Do My Hair? Beth’s Twists

This story is about Beth running to the sofa on a Sunday evening for her dad to comb her hair. The moment they spend together every week is special, the giggle and sing songs and every week daddy gives her a different style. Beth’s friends are in awe at her hair and she says her dad does it, he is amazing. This book explores the special relationship fathers have with their daughter and the bond they share. The story reminds me a lot of my childhood as every Sunday after dinner my mum used to plait my hair. The main characters in the story are Beth and her dad. I asked the boys to tell me in their own words what the story is about. They said “Dad does Beth’s hair, she is excited to get her hair done and runs to the sofa. Her friends ask how did you do your hair and she said her dad did and he is amazing! Dad put spray in her hair and twisted it” Their favourite part of the story is when  Beth is showing her friends her hair. I asked the boys if they want their dad to do their hair, Ahaziah said he doesn’t mind and Micaiah said “No” because he will do it hard. Micaiah also said this his friends and teachers say that is hair is lovely. This book was great and enjoyed by all, we felt like it was shorter than the others but it was still ranked number 1 in our opinion.

Daddy Do My Hair? Hope’s Braids

This insightful story tackles bullying and identity, a little girl called Hope who is being troubled about her “frizzy mop”. Children at her school are teasing her about her hair and she comes home to find confinement in her dad. Her dad comforts her, combs her hair and says encouraging and uplifting words to her to help her feel better, he tells her that she shines bright like a star and is beautiful from head to toe. The main characters in this story is Hope, a beautiful girl with ginger hair and freckles and her dad. I asked the boys to tell me in their own words what the story was about a they said “Hope was crying because her friends were laughing at her and she felt sad, her dad got a comb and brushed then plait her hair, he gave her a cuddle and dried her tears.” Micaiah’s favourite part was when she was a carrot (I assume he just liked the illustration), I explained to him that this is when they were not being kind to her, he then said he liked when she had her braids in and they choose her on the football team. Ahaziah liked when the children were being kind to her. I think the illustrations really helped the story because you could see how Hope was feeling. I really enjoyed that this book explored real life issues that some children face, it ranked in at number 3 in our opinion.


Daddy Do My Hair? Kechi’s Hair Goes Every Which Way

This story is about Kechi, she has beautiful big hair, mummy is away so daddy has to make sure she gets ready in time for school. There’s just one problem… he doesn’t know how! Daddy tries to tame Kechi’s swirly-springy, fluffy-puffy, squishy-squashy, candyfloss curls. Mummy gets Kechi ready using 3 steps, uniform, breakfast then hair. When its daddy’s turn he lets Kechi choose what she wants to wear to school, he makes her yummy pancakes but then struggles with styling her hair. Hair bands pop off and flies across the room and her twist unravel. Dad lets her have her candy floss curls out and she is the happiest girl. This story reminds me a lot of my hair in the morning. Hair bands popping, curls not co- operating, maybe I should embrace my candy floss curls but the frizz and shrinkage is real! The main characters in this story are Kechi and her dad. I asked the boys to tell me in their own words what the story was about they said “Kechi’s dad was doing her hair, her dad couldn’t do it, he sprayed it with water and sprayed the dog, he tried to put a hairband in but her hair was too big and it bounced off on to the dog.” Their favourite part was when dad sprayed the dog and when they had pancakes for breakfast. As Kechi’s dad tries different hair styles in this story I asked the boys what is their favourite hair style. Micaiah said in a hair band and cainrows. Ahaziah said Single plaits and cainrows because thats the real me. They both said they would like their hair like Kechi because it is too big! I said but my hair is big like her. We loved this story and it sparked lots of conversation between us, it ranked in at number 2 in our opinion.

I’m More Than My Hair tops

Daddy Do My Hair?

All 3 books are super affordable, £6.99 and are available to purchase on Amazon. I loved the series and look forward to more books from Tola. As a mother of boys with hair especially I find books like this very important. It is relatable and these books are a real representation of why representation matters. There is so much in these books that we can relate to. I love the fact that is sparks a bond between father and daughter or in our case father and son. The illustrations are great and all the books rhyme.

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