Easter Party with Personalised Parties

I love planning parties, I have parties for the boys every year and absolutely enjoy creating a personalised theme of their choice. Personalised Parties got in contact with me and asked me to review one of their products so I decided to plan a small Easter party to review the Eggcellent Easter party pack. Ordering could not be easier, I went on the website, choose my design, add my personalisation and that was it. I used my phone to make the order and the website was very mobile user friendly. Delivery was quick and everything was flat packed ready for me to put together.

Personalised Parties

The pack contain 56 items perfect for a party of 8 children. The party bags plates and cupcake toppers were personalised. The masks and hats come with string to attach which can be a bit fiddly if you haven’t done it before. The cups come plain with the case to wrap around which is easy to put together.

The party bag/ box was very easy to put together. There is is a number guide at the back to help you put the flaps in the correct order.

On arrival each child was given a party hat then they helped themselves to party food.

After they ate we got stuck into the first activity.

Easter Baskets

The children mixed shredded wheat into melted chocolate. They took turns to mix and break up the cereal. They then placed them into cupcake cases and decorated them with mini eggs and marshmallows.

The easter baskets were then put in the fridge to set while we got stuck into the next activity.

Egg Hunt

I didn’t really want 6 children running around my house looking for clues or eggs so I decided to hide eggs into a sensory rice tray. To make it harder I blind folded the children and they had to find the eggs using tongs.

I also put pom poms in the tray to trick them!!! They all helped and encouraged each other find the eggs and put them into the boxes. They cheered for each other, then started to trick one another when they realised another child was getting more eggs than them.

Once the easter baskets had set they put the personalised cupcake toppers in them.

The children all had a fantastic time and enjoyed the party hats especially. They really enjoyed making the easter baskets and spending time with each other. I didn’t really know what to put in the party bag but thankfully they took home a gorgeous cupcake from Neecey’s Cake Couture


How gorgeous are they, and they went well with the theme. Neecey’s Cake Couture specialise in cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, christenings baby showers. You can contact them on Instagram or email neeceycakecouture@hotmail.com

Thank you again for providing these cupcakes for our easter party.

Planning an easter party could not have been easier thanks to Personalised Parties and Neecey’s Cake Couture. All I needed to provide was party food and games.



I was gifted this pack in exchange for an honest review, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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