I don’t like swimming

I don’t like swimming written by Miss Joyce is a book about a boy called Jean- Paul and his friends preparing for swimming lessons. Miss Joyce is a swimming teacher based in London. She has taught over 20,000 pupils aged 3 months to 87 years in the 25 years she has been teaching swimming, incredible! This book prepares children and their parents and carers to get the most out of their swimming lessons.

Micaiah really enjoyed this story, he learnt how to put his goggles on properly, he said you need to put your goggles on properly because if they are not on properly the water can go in your eye and it will sting. He said make sure you ask an adult for help if you need help putting on your swimming hat because you might put it over your ears and you might not be able to hear the teacher and you might do something wrong like go under water and drown. His favourite part was the end of the story when they show a preview of book two. In book two you will find out how Jean- Paul and his friends get on with their first swimming lessons. Micaiah likes the illustration of the children with their noodles because he can float like that.

Ahaziah liked this book because it will help people swim. He said if you haven’t been swimming before this would be a good book to read because it tells you all the things that you need such as a swimming hat, swimming trunks/ costumes and goggles. There is a second series that will teach you how to swim.

This is a great informative book for children to are preparing for a swimming lesson or those who don’t like swimming. For those that have been following me for a while you’d know that Micaiah used to hate water, over the years he has become more confident in the water, I wish I had this book in the earlier days to read to Micaiah. I also love the illustrations, the children with long curly hair have afro swimming hats, there is a wonderful level representation in this story.

I would recommend this book and myself and the boys look forward to series two.

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