I Love My Hair

I love my hair written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley is a book about a girl called Keyana who is getting her hair combed by her mama. Although sometimes it hurts and she doesn’t feel lucky to have such amazing hair. She is reminded that her hair is beautiful and she can wear it in any style she wants. This is a book about self acceptance, self love and building confidence. This book takes me back to my childhood and I remember sitting between my mums legs every Sunday getting my hair done for school the next day.

Miciaiah loves when Keyana has beads at the end of her hair and she is dancing along to the ‘tap, tap, clicky- clack’. He likes her hair in an afro which is the same shape as a planet. Micaiah loves his hair and likes to get his hair done and his favourite style is in cainrows just like Keyana has. The author describes the style as rows of braids along her scalp  the way we plant seeds in our garden. He loves the illustrations and bases a lot of what he likes on what she is doing in the picture like flying.

In his own words Ahaziah said the story is about a girl called Keyana who got her hair done. Her mum told her she can get her hair done in any way such as a puffy little bun using a spinning wheel and soft yarn. Or it can go in straight lines like rows of plants. Her hair can even have beads added at the end which she can then make into a rhyme. She also has an afro that is shaped like the world. Her hair can be as thick as a forest, soft as cotton candy and curly as a vine. Her favourite style is 2 ponytails that stick out on either side of her hair because one day she may just fly away. Ahaziah likes Keyana’s hair in braids going straight back because thats how he likes to wear his hair. Ahaziah loves his long, thick curly hair.

I have had this book for years and to be honest I don’t remember reading it, Ahaziah seems to remember me reading it to him once. When I took this book out for the photo none of the boys wanted to take the photo, eventually Micaiah did. The text is wonderful because it teaches children about their beautiful hair however I feel like there is a lack of picture books with boys who have long hair. A lot of the time the boys ignorantly get mistaken for girls so as much as I know they love their hair I sometimes feel they are not represented enough in literature and the media.

I love reading books to the boys about hair, they love their beautiful hair and they can relate to the stories. The book is a short picture book with enough information and beautiful literature. It is a hard back book as well which makes it great for a younger audience. We would rate the book 5 stars and recommend to friends and family. The book not only teaches children to be proud of their hair it also teaches empowerment and confidence.

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