Imagine me Stories Review

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen Ahaziah’s unboxing video, if not you can check it out here. I also wanted to do a blog post to go through the contents and how we have found it so far.

I am a mum of 3 boys 6 months, 6 and 9 years. 2 years ago a wrote a post asking where is the diverse books for boys, since then I have come across a number of fantastic authors who are writing diverse children book. Now this is great as I’ve found and reviewed over 25 books however I found theses online. When I came across Imagine Me Stories I thought what a fantastic subscription service especially if you would like to build up your child’s literature without searching.

Imagine Me Stories is a monthly subscription box that aims to inspire and empower children by providing diverse books as well as fun educational activities teaching black history and culture. Prices start from £18.99. The website is colourful and easy to use, there are 4 box packages to choose from; Tiny Conqueror, Early Achievers, Big Dreamers and Family Combo box. We went for the family combo as I multiple children who fall across different ages. I love the fact that it was a surprised and I didn’t know what books we would receive.

The box arrived and I love the packaging, I loved the King and Queen illustrations on the outside. when you open the box there is activities on the box as well as big bold affirmations, I think this is my favourite feature, It is so uplifting and powerful to see “I can dream big” and “I will do great things”, these are affirmations I will get printed to put inside the boys room. The box was packed with plenty of activities and 3 books. Another win for me was getting a book which is suitable for confident readers, Ahaziah loves reviewing and listening me read the children’s book but the superhero reading book was awesome for his age and ability, my next mission would be be to find more diverse books in the category but Imagine Me Stories has a box dedicated to confident readers.

The activities were fantastic, suitable for both my children’s ages and there was a good variety, the fact sheets were informative which appropriate information and the arts and craft activities were great, the boys couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Ahaziah started the word search straight away, it was about African inventors. Micaiah started colouring Madam CJ Walker, he used the Young Black and Gifted book to see what colour her clothes were. I love doing activities with the boys and these made perfect after school activities which educated them about black history and culture.

We received 3 books, Jabari jumps, 1, 2, 3, do the dinosaur and Mia Mayhem. I love the variety and I will also review each of them individually. It also comes with a Black Icons reading ladder, you get stickers and collect special gifts the more boxes you have and the more books you receive, its a really good incentive. Black History should not be taught in one month, we should encourage our children to learn about their history all year long and this box helps parents do this in a fun way.

The subscription service is great value for money as you receive great quality of 2-3 books as well as fantastic educational activities. Not only does this box inspire and educate children each box donates a portion of money and sends a box to a different charity, organisation or individual to aid empowerment of underprivileged black children, your money not only helps your children it helps other children around the world.

Head over to and use NAHDZADVENTURES for 10% off your first box

I hope you enjoyed this blog and look out for individual reviews of each book.

Gifted- this item was gifted in exchange for an unboxing video I was not obliged to write this review

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