Jabari Jumps

Jabari jumps written by Gaia Cornwall is a story about a young boy called Jabari who was scared to jump off the diving board. In the beginning Jabari walks with his dad to the swimming pool and said to his dad he is going to jump off the diving board. When he got there he gazed at all the other children jumping off the diving board, he then thought to himself that it might be too high.

He walked to the bottom of the ladder and let the other children go in front because he didn’t know what jump he was going to do. when he was half way up the ladder he thought that it was too high. he got down and stretched.

his dad told him to take a deep breath because he was nervous. Jabari took deep breaths and with the encouragement of his dad he jumped and splashed into the water. He loved it and said he wants to do a double backflip!

The message behind this story is being nervous or scared is OK and it happens to everyone, even adults, even dads! You should take a few breaths if you are ever in a situation that makes you feel this way.

All three boys enjoyed this story, listened attentively and predicted what would happen. We spoke about feelings and I asked a lot of why questions which made them empathise with how Jabari was feeling. Ahaziah liked when Jabari said he was going to do a double backflip because it sounds cool!

I enjoyed reading this book, the illustrations are great, it shows the relationship between a father and his son as well as his daughter. The book is perfect for mental well being and helping children understand emotions.

This book was featured in the Imagination Me Stories October subscription box, read my full review here. It was included in our family combo box as well as in the early readers 0-3 box. I am so glad it was featured in this box otherwise I wouldn’t have come across it.

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