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Little Chefs Mystery Box is a new company selling mystery cooking boxes with a hidden surprise for children aged 3+. They reached out to me to review one of their boxes and I was more than happy to as my boys love cooking and any activity that keeps them engaged I am here for it. We received the box and opened it, straight away they wanted to open it and do the activity.


The box comes sealed with the instructions, business card and a welcome card congratulating them of being a proud owner of the mystery box. All the ingredients are packaged in ziplock bags with the correct amount and numbered which made it easy for them to follow instructions. As well as having number on the recipe card it has a list of the ingredients. Our mystery box was for a “Bread in a bag” the only thing we needed to add to the recipe was oil and water. This was really good since the boys wanted to do it right away I had all what we needed already.


At first I was so confused when it said we put the flour in the bag provided, I took out a mixing bowl then realised that we was making it in the bag. Less washing up for me as well as it being so easy for the boys to combine the mixture together. It was also great because they could mix it at the same time, if they had a bowl they would have to take turns.


They followed the instructions carefully and helped each other hold the bag open while the other added the ingredients. The ingredients are clearly labelled and are in ascending order. We lined up the ingredients at the start which made it easy to follow.


They had little to no assistance and I am honestly so proud of how well they worked together to follow the instructions. We left the bread to rise and they noticed the difference. It was then the moment of truth, baking it. I have a love/ hate relationship with my oven so wasn’t sure if the results would be good but I was so impressed!

The boys were so pleased with themselves and I was too. I have never tried to bake bread before but they did and in a bag! Micaiah was so excited to taste it that he started nibbling the top. Ahaziah then remembered that we hadn’t found the mystery yet so we went back to the box- well we did find it but I advised them to wait.


The mystery was a book about bread! Maybe we should have opened it earlier so they could read it while the bread was baking. The bread tasted delicious, they ate half of it that same night. I would defiantly recommend this box because

  1. It is a mystery- you don’t know what you will get and it will expose you to something different (I thought it was going to be biscuits)
  2. The instructions are simple and easy to follow
  3. There is no waste or measuring as everything is measured for you
  4. It is a great family activity
  5. It comes with a recipe card, all dry ingredients, book, an accessory useful to the activity (We got a dinosaur cutter)

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