Look Up!

Look up written by Nathan Bryon is a lovely story about a girl called Rocket, she is named Rocket because a famous rocket blasted into space the day she was born. One day Rocket is going to be the greatest astronaut, star- catcher, space traveller. Rocket is on a mission to see the Phoenix Meteror Shower and she invites everyone to see it with her.

Micaiah enjoyed this story, his favourite part is when they went to the park and Rocket and Jamal looked up and saw the meteors. The illustrations are a great, Micaiah noticed that in all the pictures Jamal had his phone in his hand but on the last page he didn’t have his phone in his hand and he was looking up. Micaiah liked this story because he loves learning about space and was familiar with meteors and shooting stars. He asked again at the end of the story how can you see meteor. I was able to answer his question simply by reading the did you know facts from the book.

Ahaziah also enjoyed this story, he said its about a girl called Rocket who likes looking up to space. Every night she looks through a telescope to see if she can see any meteors. Meteors are bits of dust burning up in the atmosphere. Rocket is always looking up and her brother is always looking down at his phone. He was too busy looking down at his phone that he did not see the car driving through the puddle so he got wet. Jamal was upset with Rocket for laughing at him so he told her that he will not take her to the park anymore, this made her very sad. But then her mum told Jamal to take her to the park and Rocket started doing her victory dance. When they got to the park everyone was looking up to see the meteors but they couldn’t see any. This made Rocket tearful then Jamal put down his phone and they could start to see the meteors because his phone light was too bright and it needs to be completely dark to see them. Ahaziah’s favourite part was when Rocket and Jamal were drinking hot chocolate because hot chocolate keeps you warm when it is cold. He went on to explain that when he was at away with school he got hot chocolate in the evenings and it made him feel cozy and comfortable.

I really enjoyed reading this story to the boys, the boys love anything to do with space so this was perfect for them. I loved all the did you know facts in the story because there was lots of information I did not know myself. The illustrations are great and very detailed. I loved that in mentioned Mae Jemison, the boys are familiar with her because I’ve done some black history arts and crafts with them. I would rate this book 5 stars and I am glad I stumbled across it. It has just enough text to hold Micaiah’s interest but the pictures keep him focus either way. The moto is also great and empowering, when you dream big, anything can happen. I also loved the relationship between Rocket and her brother Jamal, it was relatable.

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