Marvelous Me

Marvelous me inside out written by Lisa Bullard is a bright vibrant story about a boy called Alex who tells us how amazing and unique he is. He tells us his favourite food and what he likes to play with.

Ahaziah liked this story, he said it is about a kid called Alex who has a great imagination. His favourite part is when he is a superhero because lots and lots of people also like superheroes including me. The pictures don’t look realistic because you don’t see people with eyes like his, but you see it in lots of shows, its like a cartoon. He likes when Alex is acting like a pirate because his imagination is bold.

Micaiah’s favourite part is when he says he can eat more strawberry ice-cream than any other superhero, Micaiah also likes eating ice-cream. He also likes the page where Alex says he can remember all nine planets. There is a lovely picture on that page of Alex in space pointing to the planets. The boys both love planets and together they named the planets in the illustrations. He also loved the page where Alex turned his sofa into a pirate ship, I am pretty sure he will turn my sofa in a pirate ship.

This story brought out lots of conversation with the boys, from what they also like to do and what their favourite things are. I enjoyed reading this story to the boys. It written well and has activities and a glossary at the end which is a really good touch. The boys got stuck into the activity straight away and made them think about what makes them special. This book is perfect for twins or siblings. Alex not only tells us what makes him happy but also what makes him sad. This book is great for superhero lovers and it encourages them to know their own superpower. I can’t wait to collect the other books in this series.

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