Middle Child

Middle Child written Z-L Marquez is a story about a little boy who finds it hard to adjust to becoming a big brother. He shares his thoughts and feelings about his dislikes to his baby sister. His mum reassures him that he is not the baby anymore but he has a new responsibility of being a big brother.

Micaiah enjoyed this story while looking at the pictures. He asked lots of questions and read the text which was bigger. Micaiah is now the middle child of our family and he said he likes looking after his baby brother. Micaiah said that the story is about a little boy who wasn’t being very kind to his little sister. He said I am the baby brother and he wanted to send her back. At the end he was feeling happy and started being kind to her. I asked Micaiah why does he think that he was being unkind to his baby sister and he said because maybe he didn’t want to have a baby sister. He said he wanted a baby brother thats why he is kind to his baby brother.

Ahaziah also enjoyed this story and he enjoyed looking at the pictures. He said its like our family expect we are all boys and we don’t have a pet dog. He said he likes this book because the boy said his mum is fat and Micaiah thought his mum was fat when she was pregnant- first I am hearing of this! He also enjoyed the part when the sister liked hanging out with her brother because he likes to hang out with his brothers. The illustrations are colourful and bring the story to life. Ahaziah said instead of the story being written in giant paragraphs the text is in shorter sentences so the reader doesn’t think that there is a lot to read.

I enjoyed this story and the illustrations, I thought it was going to be a story about being a middle child but it is more about a middle child being promoted into a big brother. Therefore I think this book is suitable for any family that is expecting a new sibling not just a family with 3 children. This book explores the real life emotions that some children face when they have a new sibling but I love the way this book describes it, they explain to the boy that he has a new title of being a big brother and he has new responsibilities- what child doesn’t love responsibilities!

I like the scan picture in this book, the boys said it looked like their baby brother, I really liked how some of the text was in bold and capitals it brought attention to it and Micaiah made sure I read it before turning each page. We would rate the book 5 stars. The book comes alone or you can order it with an activity pack which we will review next week so stay tuned for that.

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