Miles & Mia A to Z

Miles & Mia A to Z written by Micheala Alexander is a story about Miles and Mia, siblings who tell us about their adventures in London using the alphabet. It is an educational, picture book that teaches children different letters of the alphabet in a fun way. Featuring rhyming text and colourful original illustrations. Michaela created this book when her children Miles and Mia asked why there were no books in their nursery that looked like them. “All children need to find themselves in a book. Seeing characters like themselves in books and in the media will impact the level of confidence and self-worth they develop” Michaela Alexander

We had the pleasure of having Micheala read this story at one of our Sensory Saturday events and it was amazing! Michaela read the story and the children were able to dress up as Miles and Mia and other letters in the alphabet. It was very interactive and the children enjoyed getting involved.

Ahaziah enjoyed this book because when he was at Sensory Saturday he got to dress up as Miles and wear cool glasses. His favourite part in the book is when Miles plays football because he also likes to play football. He also liked when Miles was a King and blasting off to space. Ahaziah said he would love travel to space to see the planets and be the the first child to go to the moon. He liked when they were dressing up as pirates because he dressed up as Captain Hook for world book day.

Micaiah enjoyed this book, his favourite part is the illustrations of Miles & Mia eating sushi, he said they look like they are in China when in fact they were in Japan. I even learnt that the national dish of Japan is sushi. He also liked the jungle race because the lion was the king of the jungle. This was shown within the text as well as the illustration. When we got to M and Mia was having a photoshoot Micaiah instantly recognised the studio set up and said I go there.

I like this story because I think that my boys can relate to the characters as well as their adventures. This book is a great way to teach the alphabet as well as give children lots to discuss. The illustrator done a fantastic job at attention to detail the boys picked up on so much from the pictures like Mia’s hairstyle when they were dancing and Miles science experiment. We would rate the book 5 out of 5 and look forward to the next collection .

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