Murray the Milkman

Murray the Milkman & Co. presents the Enchanted House written by Gretzel Lozano is a book about a character named Murray who was going to an village to deliver milk. On the way he stopped at the butchers where he met Boraq who gave him some meat to deliver at the same address. He saw Rascal the cat on the way doing push ups. Murray arrived at his destination and suddenly got goosebumps. He crept up the stairs and the door creaked open, he dropped the milk, meat and vitamins and ran away. He met a ghost called Grimpy who apologised for scaring him. Grimpy invited him into his home for plantain and hard dough bread and to play a game of dominoes. Murray is amazed by the enchanted house.

In his own words Micaiah said this story is about a milk man who had almond milk and he stopped at a scary house. Micaiah liked the illustrations in the book, he said he liked that Rascal the cat was wearing clothes. Micaiah also loves almond milk just like Gustave the ghost dog in the story. I asked Micaiah if he would like to go to the enchanted house and he said no because it was scary. I said well Murray enjoyed it in the end, he said well the tree was scary. Although he found parts of it scary overall he enjoyed the book and rated it 5 out of 5.

Ahaziah enjoyed this story and listened carefully, he was able to thoroughly retell the story. His favourite part was when Rascal the cat was doing push ups with his fists and when Rascal was stealing some of the milk bottles. When we read to the end of the story Ahaziah wasn’t impressed with the ending as it ended quite abruptly. I asked him if he could change the ending what would happen. He said it would end with the main character Murray going back home and learning about Milk and how it is produced. This is a question he asked the savy bookshelf about.

We received this book as a christmas gift a few years back and have read it a few times since then. I love that this story uses familiar language like almond milk, plantain, hard dough bread and dominoes. This book also informed the boys of different vitamins and how they help your body. The boys were impressed but questioned why would a ghost need vitamins to keep their bones and teeth healthy. Throughout this story they asked lots of questions which started conversations between us. Micaiah said he has this book at school and I was quite surprised but I am pleased because books like this need to be in schools accessible to all.

This book was fantastic as a great bedtime read for both boys. We enjoyed it and would recommend. I am aware that there are a few other books in this series so I look forward to collecting them all.

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