My Daddy Does

My Daddy Does written by Casey Elisha is a story about the special relationship young boys have with their fathers. The book is easy to read (Ahaziah was 7 at the time when he first read this) and rhymes. This book is important because it reminds boys about the special bond their have with their dad. The things they enjoy and love about their dad is different to what they would love and enjoy about me because we have different relationship. What I love the most about this book is that is doesn’t just talk about boys playing football with their sons, there is a range of things that this particular boy does with his dad so it makes it relatable for all boys. For example, this boy goes to the barbers with his dad and talks on the phone with his dad.

Micaiah’s favourite part is when the dad dresses up in the same football shirt and supports him on the side during his football match. He also likes when the boy plays video games with his dad, this is probably because Micaiah loves playing on the playstation. I asked Micaiah what is his favourite thing to do with his dad, he said he likes to go to the park and play football. He also said his dad makes him laugh when he tells funny jokes. I asked him what does he love the most about his dad and he said when his dad takes him trick or treating.

Ahaziah told me the book is about a boy who tells us about all the things he does with his dad. His favourite part of the story is when the boy was eating ice cream with his dad because he likes to eat ice cream. I asked Ahaziah what is his favourite thing to do with his dad, he said he likes going bowling because he always wins. He said his dad makes him laugh when he puts on silly accents. I asked him what does he love the most about his dad,he said when his dad takes him to the shop and buys him Kinder Eggs. Its funny that the things they love and admire about their dad are the things I don’t do

The illustrations are bright and help tell the story. The pictures make Ahaziah happy. I asked him if his daddy looks like the dad in the picture and he said no because his dad doesn’t have that tiny moustache. At the back of the book there are questions for the child to answer as well as drawing a picture of what their dad looks like.

We really enjoyed this book and would recommend to all young boys to remind them that they can admire to be just like their dad because daddy’s are heros.

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