My Uncle and Me

My Uncle and Me written by Ashley Hinds is a lovely story which tells the adventures of a young boy and his uncle. They are often compared but they like different things. This book highlights the relationship between an uncle and a nephew but also anyone who is often compared to their friends, family members or siblings. It’s important to remember that you may look alike but you are not the same. The boys loved listening to the story and instantly started pointing out their differences.

Micaiah’s favourite part is when the little boy and his uncle go swimming because he likes going swimming and it was his first time going under water. This story sparks lots of conversation while reading because the boys were constantly comparing what they like with what the little boy like. He likes the illustrations and loves when the uncle makes funny faces. Micaiah likes when his uncle is pushing him on the swing, it looks like he is going really high he said.

Ahaziah likes this book, he said the illustrations look real. He also likes when they are playing games because it must be fun. Ahaziah has a great relationship with his uncle, he started comparing himself to his uncle. He has longer hair than me and he is taller than me and we play games with each other. Ahaziah said he would recommend this book to his friends with uncles.

This is a lovely rhyming book which is suitable for children age 3-10 in Ahaziah’s opinion. We enjoyed this book and the message it says “we are two different people, we are not the same” This book is a lovely addition to our collection

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