Niyah Moon: Travels The World

Niyah Moon: Travels The World is a book about a little girl called Niyah and her parrot Zona who travels the world in her dreams. Niyah has an adventurous imagination because of the wonderful stories that her mother reads to her before bed. Niyah loves to go sleep because she has the opportunity to travel around the world in her dreams. Niyah and Zona are the main characters in this story along with Niyah’s mum.

Micaiah’s favourite part is when Niyah went to Egypt because she saw some camels and sat on a pyramid. He also liked the waterfall and the rainbow. Micaiah liked the volcano and and when they travel around the Earth. He likes all the animals in the story and asked plenty of questions throughout. In his own words he said first she flew out the window. There is a picture of Niyah surrounded by photos of landmarks in different countries, Micaiah said that she saw Paris, India, Russa and Rome. Micaiah liked when Niyah and Zona were racing along the Great Wall of China. He said he liked when she went back home because it could have been morning and her mum would have seen that she was out of bed. He also liked when she travelled to Iceland. His favourite country that she went to was Egypt because he likes pyramids.

Ahaziah’s enjoyed the story and all of the illustrations especially when she goes to Serengeti and saw the lions. He said “look even she likes the lions” he got this from the expression on her face. In the illustrations of when she is in Serengeti show Niyah and Zona holding up leaves above their heads as if they were trees so the giraffe could eat from them. Ahaziah enjoyed when Zona and Niyah visited St Lucia because they saw a volcano because he likes to build volcanos in the sand. I asked him if he could go to any country in his dreams like Niyah where would he go, he said Morocco because everyone liked him when he went there.

They would rate the 5\5 and recommend to their friends. Each time we turnt the page the boys were excited about something. The book reads well and rhymes, the text was great, Micaiah was pointing out tricky words. Niyah reminds me of my children- she loves an adventure! She went to China, Egypt, South Africa, Serengeti, St Lucia and Iceland all in one night!

One of the countries that Niyah went to was The Great Wall of China which is 13,000 miles long. This information was provided at the end of the book and the boys were fascinated at the 5 facts which was shared at the end. I really liked this part as well because I learnt some new information. They recognised the picture of the Eiffel Tower and was excited to say that they have been there. Ahaziah also recognised Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Russia, he said “Ive seen it on football on the World Cup” I was so impressed!

I really enjoyed reading this book to the boys especially as a mum who loves to travel with the boys. I will now encourage the boys to dream about going to different countries in their dreams, they have a map above their bed for inspiration. I love the illustrations and the facts at the end. I look forward to another book with Niyah and more adventures, Niyah next time take us!

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