Odoi Starts School

Odoi starts school written by Margaret Bynoe is a story about a young boy Odoi who lives in Ghana. He is eager to begin learning in school when he sees men from the army. The story informs us of the traditional manner used by many African parents to determine when a child should start school.

In his own words Ahaziah said the story is about a boy called Odoi who saw the army and wanted to grow up like them. But in order to do that he had to start school. So he ran to his mother and asked if he could go to school and his mother said you have to be able to use your  left hand and reach your right ear. When his mum ironed his clothes his mum said she would ask his father when he arrived home if he could go to school. His dad said yes he could go to school the next day. Finally Odoi was in school and that is all that matters.

Ahaziah’s favourite part was when they were playing with the car which was made from wood and tin. He said it looks like a cool car because it was made from different types of material. I asked him what is the different to Odio’s car and the cars we have.  He said the cars we have are made from plastic and electric so they must have built their cars and we buy ours. He said he would prefer to play with a car like Odio because his car doesn’t run out of battery and it doesn’t cost anything.

He also liked when Odio played with paper boats because paper boats can go really fast. He used an example of plastic toy boats we have at home and said that this can’t go really fast but a paper boat can because it is lighter. He was intrigued that they shook hands with the teacher with his hand behind his back. He said in this country we don’t shake hands like that, I explained to him that it is a sign of respect in some countries. He also commented on how big his yard was.

Micaiah enjoyed the story although he was not as focused as Ahaziah. His favourite part is when Odio saw the army because they were marching and they stayed together. He also liked when Odio played hide and seek because he likes to play hide and seek at school. I asked Micaiah if it is fair for Odoi to only start school when his arm could reach over to his ear or school he start at a certain age. He said yes because if he is too small he cannot play.

The illustrations are bright, colourful and very detailed. You can imagine what it looks and feels like in Ghana. Micaiah said if we didn’t have the pictures we wouldn’t know what Odio would be doing with his friends. This book is great because it exposes the reader to a different a culture and their beliefs. The book has

We would rate the book 5 stars, I enjoyed reading it as much as they loved listening and asking questions.

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