Our Sensory Kids Ice-Cream Story Sack

I have been following Our Sensory Kids Instagram account for a while, I admire the colour of the feed and get lots of inspiration from there. When I saw they were launching sensory story sacks I thought this is brilliant. When I received the sack I was impressed with the speedy delivery and the packaging. There was so much in the sack, it felt like a Mary Poppins bag. The sacks have monthly themes and you can subscribe or order sacks without subscribing.

The ice cream sack was filled with recipe card as well as activity card which is linked to each area of the early years curriculum. There are 6 different recipes which are very easy to follow. The sack contains a story and props including ice-cream bubbles, ice cream van, wand, lights. You can easily get started on setting up a sensory activity with what you receive in the pack.

Ice cream play dough

To make these you will need cornflour, hair conditioner and food colouring. When I done this with the boys I ran out of cornflour so I decided to use flour, the consistency is similar. The dough looks exactly like ice cream. We role played and ordered ice cream from each other. The boys enjoyed decorating the ice cream with coloured rice sprinkles and lentils.


Ice cream gloop

I have a love hate relationship with cornflour I can never get the consistency right maybe because I always measure by sight. I decided follow Our Sensory Kids recipe and it was a hit! The boys loved it so much and keep asking to do it again. For the ice cream gloop you need to mix cornflour, water and food colouring.

We used ice cream cones to pour the mixture from and watched the colours mix together. The boys repeated this over and over until the cones got soggy. This is a great activity even for those children who don’t like to get their hands messy because they can pour the gloop from cups or cones.

Puffy Paint

Puffy paint is made from a combination of shaving foam, PVA glue and paint. We made 6 different colours and they boys painted on large paper rolled out on the floor. The paper was quite thin so I decided to let them play with the mixture in the tuff trays. They enjoyed mixing colours and rubbing their hands in it. I found the consistency is awesome as a mark making base. It is easy to make marks and rub it away to start again.

I will defiantly try this again and use card to make pictures.

Ice cream tray

For my Sensory Saturday event I wanted to use the resources that was in the sack so I decided to use cotton wool for those children who may not want to get their hands messy.

I used pop pom and coloured rice as sprinkles. The fairy lights also made it very inviting. The children were able to make ice cream cups from cotton wool balls and decorated them as they pleased.

The sack is great and affordable as it as so much resources, activities an recipes. The activities cover maths, expression arts and design, physical development, communication, language and literacy, personal, social and emotional development and understanding the world. You are able to access what stage your child is at using P levels. There are a few ice cream story sacks available but you can order train sack which also looks awesome.

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