Riley Knows He Can by Davina Hamilton

Riley knows he can is the follow up to Riley Can Be Anything. Riley is excited to star in his new school play but is nervous at the same time. His big sister Ella helps to calm his nerves by telling him to remember that he can. Ella helps him remember his lines as well as encouragement to take the stage with confidence.

The book is colourful and easy to read. It is a rhyming book which encourages my boy to guess which word may be at the end of the sentence. Ahaziah read the book to his brother fluently. At the end I asked him to tell me what the story was about. In his own words he said “The book is about a boy called Riley who is nervous about his show so his sister tells him to help him with his nerves, she tells him Riley you can do this you can.”

Riley and Ella are the main characters in this story but we are also introduced to his mum and dad and his friend Eddie.

Micaiah’s enjoyed this story. When he saw it and Ahaziah read the title he said “No, Riley Can Be Anything” He recognised Riley from the first book. His favourite part in the story is when they were playing outside because he likes to play games outside like Riley. Ahaziah’s favourite part is when Riley put on his King costume because Ahaziah likes to dress up.

The illustrations in the story are bold, colourful and relatable. I love that the book is relatable to my boys because representation matters. This book is great to read to children who have a part in a school play but also it is a great book to read to build positive affirmations. The book is very encouraging and uplifting and will help builds confidence if read regularly.

I would rate the book 10/10 I can’t wait to get a paperback copy to add to my diverse book collection I am getting together.

Riley Knows He Can will be released on 25th April 2018 I would recommend this book to anyone with young children.

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