She’s My Twin Sister

She’s My Twin Sister written by Lola Adebayo is a short story about two twin girls called Amel and Amira who tell us what it is like to be a twin. They tell us all about the things they like to do together as well as the times they argue and fight. The book is well written and the illustrations are beautiful and animated. The story is a good length for a bedtime read and it rhymes.

Micaiah’s favourite part is when the girls are having lollipops because he likes lollipops and sweets. I asked him would he like to have a twin and he said Yes because they will play with him. I asked him about the relationship he had with his brother in comparison with the girls and he said we like to play fight too and sometimes we eat lollipops. I asked him about the illustrations as they really help you understand the emotions of the girls. He showed me a picture and said this is when they are happy. He showed me another picture and said they are not happy because they were fighting and the teapot broke. He noticed that they look the same but they are different. He said one wears glasses and one doesn’t. He added one has a pink bows and a pink dress and the other one has pointy purple bows and a purple dress.

Ahaziah’s favourite part is when their mum gives them a bag full of sweets because he likes eating sweets. The illustrations helped the story because he said the teapot they broke was antique. I asked him how does he know it is antique and he said it looks like it is. He said this story reminds him of an episode of Peppa Pig because Peppa and George like jumping in muddy puddles and Amel and Amira like jumping in muddy puddles. He said that Amel and Amria remind him of himself and his brother because they were fighting over one kite. He said me and Micaiah can share but we sometimes fight over new toys. He likes when they are painting because he likes to paint too. He made the same funny face as the girl who doesn’t wear glasses, but we couldn’t figure out her name.

The boys both said that they are each others best friends and I treat them like twins because I sometimes call them each others name and I dress them the same. They both said they love dressing the same. Micaiah would give the book 100 out of 5 and Ahaziah would give it 5 out of 5.

I loved reading this book to the boys as it reminded me of the special relationship they have with each other. As much as they fight, argue and tell tells on each other, the love and bond they share for each other. I would recommend this book to twins and siblings as it highlights the bond they have. We look forward to the next twinventure.

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