The Alphabet & Numbers with Bella

The alphabet with Bella is the first series in a range of educational books written by Lorraine O’Garro. The second book is called Numbers with Bella. Both books support the learning of the alphabet and numbers from one to ten.

Both books are aimed at younger children however I really enjoyed listening to the boys read them to me. On each page there was a different picture that sparked conversation between us. For example, P is for palm trees, I asked them where they had seen a palm tree. W is for waterfall, I asked them which is the best waterfall they have been too. C is for coconut, I asked them if they liked the taste of coconut.

Ahaziah prefers Numbers with Bella and Micaiah loves both. Ahaziah’s favourite parts are in Numbers with Bella, he likes Six star fish because in the picture Bella is snorkelling and he loves swimming. He likes Nine balloons because Bella was floating up in the sky. He also likes Four candles because he likes blowing out candles on his birthday. Micaiah’s favourite parts is in The Alphabet with Bella. He likes V for Volcano because he likes the lava coming out of the volcano. He likes  F for flying fish because the fish flies with wings. He also likes W for waterfall because he loved swimming in the waterfall in Morocco. They kept going on about their favourite parts so I think it is fair to say they enjoyed the majority.

Although I brought this book when the boys knew their numbers and alphabet I felt like it was still important to have these books on my bookshelf because representation matters, the more book characters that they see themselves in the better.

The illustrations are fantastic, colourful and bold. The books are engaging and they make learning fun. I love that the book brings some culture into it so it is very diverse. Having words like plantain, African drums and carnival really supports the language we use and see at home.

I would definitely recommend both books especially for those with younger children to help teach them letters, sounds and numbers. They would give both books 5 stars because they loved everything!

You can get a copy of both books on Amazon

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